You may ask: Regularly is which type of adverb?

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What is an adverb? group which describes adjectives, verbs or some other expressions. I have created this post to answer your question: regularly is which type of adverb? Before we get to the answer we shall explain Types of Adverbs:

Adverb of manner: It answers the question ´´how´´. How is something done in what manner? Examples: slowly, rapidly, unexpectedly. He walked down the street carefully. He was speaking silently and rapidly. I am moving fast.

Adverb of place: describes the place where something happened. Examples: I went outside to take a walk in the starry night. They have nowhere to go so They had to stay there.

Adverb of time: describes the time when something happened. Examples: She met him yesterday. She walked down the street in the evening of Summer 1996.

Adverb of frequency: describes the frequency. Examples: She works out three times a week. He wakes up early in the morning.

Adverb of certainty: describes undoubted facts. Examples: He will certainly arrive. She will definitely fail the exam.

Adverb of degree: describes the scale of something. Examples: He was fully aware of the consequences of his actions. He had enough of the talk about nonsense.

Interrogative adverb: when, where, why, how? Examples: When did you hear the story for the first time? How did he find out the truth? When did you realize it was a lie? Why did you lie to me?

Answer to the question: regularly is which type of adverb

Regularly is an adverb of frequency because it describes the repeated action. Examples: He works out regularly (repeated sequence of time*)

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