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Helpful Simple Past Tense Examples if You Feel on Edge

We use the simple past tense to indicate the event that occured at some point in the past. Prepositions used with the past tense form: yesterday, last week, ago, in 1989. The following tips apply only to so-called ´´regular verb forms´´. Before we move to the past simple tense examples, let´s discuss basic grammar rules. Please see the following tables below.

Verb ends with…Add…Example
vowel -e-dlive= lived
consonant -y-iedcarry= carried
play= played
stay= stayed
copy= copied
study= studied
cry= cried
vowel + consonantdouble the consonant and add -edstop= stopped
ban= banned
clap= clapped
nap= napped
brag= bragged

Positive StatementNegative Statement
She went to the school last weekShe did not go to the school last week
We stayed in a hotel yesterdayWe did not stay in a hotel yesterday
The accident happened 3 years agoThe accident did not happen 3 years ago

I have summed up the following past tense examples to help you in your studies:

She went to the cinema yesterday. It was not built in 1994. The building was demolished in 2004. The rain stopped at 3 a.m. The last decision they made was 10 minutes before the arrival of guests. She arrived 10 minutes ago. They did not know the truth until the very last moment.

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