Why is honesty in life so important?

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Being honest to you and to others is a sign of respect. However, some people cannot fully comprehend the meaning of truth in their lives. They live in denial, pretense and a big lie. If we cannot be truthful to ourselves we cannot do the same for people we care about. Via acceptance of our responsibility towards others, we can perceive the true side of life.

Honesty in any kind of relationship is the reflection of our attitude towards loved ones. Dishonesty on the other side will eat you alive sooner or later. Nobody likes living in a lie. The Sooner you disclose the truth, the better for you. Living in a lie is a form of deception, that is detrimental to our mental and physical health as well. If the person you lied to, find out the lie. He or She will be very angry about it. Never lie to anyone you care about.

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