What was the Second Language on Earth?

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The Evolution of Languages On the Earth

Before we get to what was the second language on earth we should discuss the historical development of languages as such. Languages play the prominent role in the social systems, they make us human. Humans have learned to assign a language sound systems, created grammar, syntax to form coherent system of sentences. Initially, speech was based on the imitation of sounds they heard, e.g. splash, boom, meow and so on.

The communication in the early times of human evolution served traders mainly. Money did not exist back then, so people had to exchange goods, homemade products, preys to make a living. Sounds weird, considering the society we live in now. Back then, people had no choice, they had to feed their starving families.

Languages were exposed to constant changes not only in the early start of human evolution but even now. Social, economic, political changes that occured in society, it all contributed to alteration of the language structure in terms of vocabulary. But sometimes new languages were introduced and the old ones disappeared.

The Answer to the Question: What was the Second Language on Earth?

The oldest language in the world is Tamil, while others claim its Sanskrit, Hebrew. It is hard to provide the relevant answer to the question without the history books.

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