What is the Best Website to Learn a New Language Free?

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Internet is full of sources, you can study languages wherever you like and for free even! On my website I create free English learning texts to improve user experience. Reading materials are accompanied by audio recordings, so you can listen to English on the way to work or school.

Is My Site The Best Website to Learn a New Language Free?

I always try to make my blog unique and easy to follow for everyone. Materials on the site I created for people who cannot read all material due to the difficulty level. The main reason for creating the site was to help people who learn and want the education for free. Education should be accessible to everyne for free, that is what I believe.

Free English stories section is divided into Travel English, B1 reading materials but I also plan to add grammar section there, quizes for English learners.

I create easy to read and free English texts with audio for learners of all levels. I hope that the site will benefit mostly those learners who struggle with comprehending difficult texts. That is why I created the site, to simplify your life.

I hope you will enjoy reading my blog and materials. So far the website is for free but in the future I plan to monetize some parts of the blog as without the support I cannot sustain the expenses.

What is the best website to learn a new language free? Well, find out yourself and read the section for English learners.

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