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The Short Definition of Compound Words

Compound words have a meaning defined by its constituents e.g. words ( white-collar jobs) two words with unique meaning by itself but when connected together they form a completelly different sense or meaning.

Compounds are divided into various categories e.g. compound nouns, adjectives etc.

Cold-Hearted ´´He is a cold-hearted man, He does not show any emotions´´

Open-Minded ´´He is an open-minded man, He never disputes anyone´s opinion!´´

Afterlife ´´Do you believe in afterlife?´´ (life after the death)

Allover ´´The trash was allover the place´´

Footprints ´´Footprints were allover the place´´

Background ´´The background was green´´

Backyard ´´The small building was located in the backyard´´

Playground ´´Children were playing in the background when the strange man approached them´´

aftermath ´´ The aftermath of the rising escalation in the country was the destabilization of the political system´´

upspring ´´Parents always take care of their upspring´´

uprising ´´The uprising had led to the complete change of the country and its conduct´´

upstairs ´´He went upstairs when She entered the house´´

The List of Compound words is abundant. They enrich the writing, therefore you should implement them into your writing!