Types of Nouns in English You Should Be Aware of

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What are different types of nouns?

Nouns define a person, a place, a thing or ideas. Nouns may have various functions within the sentence. They may serve as subject or direct object or indirect object in the sentence. There are different types of nouns in English. Please read the following classification of nouns based on various criteria.

Names of the person

A clerk, a wife, a husband, a teacher, a professor, a baker, a painter, a real estate agent, a doctor, a dentist, a plumber.

Names of place

a livingroom, a graveyard, a cementary, a playground, a church, a house

Names of things

a pen, a table, an umbrella, a chair, a bed

Nouns are further divided into common and proper nouns.

Common nouns denote people, places, things in general. Examples: Where is her dog? Where is my cat? I can’t find a pen

Names of organizations, people and places are proper nouns. They always start with capital letters. Examples: Jane is my sister. I was born in July. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Concrete Nouns denote physical things that can be touched. Examples: men, tables, phones, cards, facemasks

Abstract nouns are the opposite of concrete nouns. They can’t be touched physically.

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