Travel Vocabulary You Should Get acquitained with Now

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Expand Your Travel Vocabulary For Your Next Holiday

Learning new words come in handy for your travel plans! See the list of travel phrases you should learn.

I never travel without my laptop. žMy dog George travels with me, though It is demanding to take care of him and me at the same time. ž You can book your room via phone or our booking system on our website. žCurrently, we have no available rooms. We apologize for any convenience. žI need one room for two people from 10th of July till 20th of July.

The flight is being delayed for 30 minutes. Which flight arrives in 10 minutes? Which flight goes to London? I cannot find my boarding pass. Where is your boarding pass? You need your boarding pass for the check-in at the airport. Do not forget it! What time is the check-in or check-out?

For my next holiday, I want to visit Havana. Havana is located in Cuba, the Caribbean islands. I love tropical environment. The tropical nature is what interest me the most. Cuba abounds with beautiful pristine beaches. The whole place is mesmerizing!

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