Tips to Find Short Story in English at B1 Level

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How to Search For a Short Story in English if You Are B1 Learner

Reading English resources adjusted to your language skills is important for the development of your skills. You cannot comprehend all English texts with ease especially if you are an intermediate student. Therefore, you have to find English texts at the appropriate level. A short story in English is not easy to find as there are plenty of lengthy books on the market.

Reading benefits you in many ways. It enhances your comprehension, critical thinking skills. Books take you into a whole new world of secrets, stories. You forget your daily life issues when you merge into a virtual world of books. Any language learning tactic works for you. Whether it is watching the news or reading movie subtitles, It may have a positive impact on your overall fluency.

  1. Visit the bookstore
  2. search open-source books
  3. buy ebooks online
  4. ask friends
  5. listen to B1 podcasts
  6. b1 reading youtube videos

a Short story in English should be entertaining and educational. Sometimes our workload won´t allow us to study whenever we like. Don´t worry. You can find audio stories and learn English on the roads. What I look for in a short story in English is easiness and fun. On my site, I create easy-to-read, free English stories. The purpose of the blog is purely educational, however, in the future, I plan to set up subscription memberships.

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