Tips to Build Your Vocabulary in English Faster

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Build Your Vocabulary Faster With My Tips

Learning is like diving in the ocean, first, you have to study how to swim, then you can jump right in. New words are difficult to retain in our memory. You may find it hard to remember new words but don´t worry, sooner or later you will remember them.

For me learning comes easily, I am a fast learner but there are people who simply said struggle with learning new languages. You don´t have to feel bad about it, it is a thing we can´t change. Our cognitive skills are influenced by various factors some of which are beyond our control. Not everyone can become a doctor or a lawyer.

The same principle applies here. Learn how to swim and you can swim anywhere. Initially, you will encounter lots of steep roads on your way to success, in your efforts to reach fluency but remember one thing ´´Rome wasn’t built in one day´´.

  • Learn Via Translation

When you translate you learn words in context. Words have multiple combinations, their variations are unlimited.  ´´Work´´ can be a noun and a verb. How do we know it’s a noun? Well, Nouns come first, verbs follow them. Translate your target language every day and your efforts will bear its fruit! When you build vocabulary via translation you study the contextual meaning of words. A quite useful right? 

  • Don´t Torture Yourself By Drilling New Words

The more fed up you are with studying new words, the worse your performance becomes. Let it be. Go with the flow and learn new words naturally without pressure.  Many studies have put forth the importance of an amiable environment when learning new things. 

  • Don’t Neglect Your Listening Skills 

When you build vocabulary, build it with audio recordings by Natives.

  • Play Word Games

Playing word games builds your vocabulary to some extent. You have to think deeply about different words and this way you memorize new words more easily.

  • You don´t have to Study All Words

Remember one thing. For communication in language, we only need to know a few thousand words. Do you remember the time when you couldn’t retrieve a word in your native language? Well, It has happened to all of us and it is a natural part of learning. We learn and we forget. The reason, why we can’t retain them in our memory, is their occurrence in speech. 

  • Study with English Teachers

English tutor will guide you properly, explain complex English words or sentences. When I was learning English, I spoke with English teachers a lot. There are lots of schools online with 10k+ tutors. Check them here.

You have to take an active part in the learning process. Reading is fine but it is the passive way of studying foreign languages thus not effective like the active study of languages!

  • Study Vocabulary in Context

The meaning of words in a dictionary is closed. Words in Sentences may have various meanings. Learn via reading stories. Do not focus on single words if you want to improve your vocabulary. In case you would like to read English stories for free. You can build your vocabulary for free with my simple stories online. Please visit this section of my website here.

  • Use Dictionaries

Looking up the meaning of words in online or printed dictionaries will help you retain new words in memory. Numerous dictionaries are available in online or printed forms, the key is to find the one that works for you.

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