The Top Text Message Abbreviations in Online Talk

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The  Common Text Message Abbreviations

Definition of Abbreviations: shortened form of a phrase. In the following post, I have compiled the list of common text message abbreviations that you may find useful

BFF= Best Friends Forever

BTW= by the way

BF= boyfriend

GF= girlfriend

YW= you´re welcome

YT= you there?

4ever= forever

AFAIK= as far as I know

BBL= be back later

B4N= bye for now

YKW= you know what?

WTG= way to go

WDYS= what did you say?

TTG= time to go

TU= thank you

BTA but then again

JT just teasing

LTS laughing to self

LD later, dude

N-E-1 anyone

LSHMBH laughing so hard my belly hurts

MHBFY my heart bleeds for you

MUSM miss you so much

PDA public display of affection

P911 my parents are coming!

LMIRL let’s meet in real life

IYSS if you say so

JMO just my opinion

Peeps people

P2P peer to peer

NADT not a darn thing

OM old man

NOYB not of your business

PMJI pardon me for jumping in

NIMBY not in my back yard

OLL online love

KWIM know what I mean?

LUWAMH love you with all my heart

K okay

OMDB over my dead body

IYO in your opinion

KFY kiss for you

OTW on the way

OTTOMH off the top of my head

LLTA lots and lots of thunderous applause

PAL parents are listening

OTOH on the other hand

NP nosy parents

KIR keep it real

IYKWIMAITYD if you know what I mean and I think you do

IRL in real life

OT off topic

JBOD just a bunch of disks

NT no thanks

OTP On the phone

MOOS member of the opposite sex

KIT keep in touch

MIHAP may I have your attention please

N/P no problem

OTF off the floor

MA mature audience

JW just wondering

PMFJIB pardon me for jumping in but….

PO piss off

L8R later

KEWL cool

OL old lady

PLZ please

NG new game

LHM lord help me

LTNS long time, no see

MKOP my kind of place

M8 mate or mates

PA parent alert

IYKWIM if you know what I mean

OTH off the hook

LULAB love you like a brother

JIC just in case

PDS please don’t shoot

NW no way!

PIR parent in room

J/C just checking

OBTW oh by the way

N1 nice one

JAS just a sec

M/F male or female

KOC kiss on cheek

N-E-1 ER anyone here?

N2M not to mention

PANS pretty awesome new stuff

LOL laughing out loud

JK just kidding

LSV language, sex, violence

MSG message

NTK nice to know

PMP peed my pants

MTF more to follow

LDR long distance relationship

JM2C just my two cents

LSHMBB laughing so hard my belly is bouncing

ONNA oh no, not again

OIC oh I see

KOL kiss on lips

MOTOS member of the opposite sex

LMSO laughing my socks off

NM never mind

JTLYK just to let you know

ISS I said so

PAW parents are watching

LULAS love you like a sister

IWALU I will always love you

NE1 anyone

POAHF put on a happy face

PM private message

IYSWIM if you see what I mean

LTR long term relationship

MOSS member of same sex

PANB parents are nearby

NUFF enough said

POS parent over shoulder

NRN no reply necessary

LHU lord help us

LTM laugh to myself

OMG oh my god

OF old fart

LY love you

NAZ name, address, zip

MTFBWY may the force be with you

LYL love you lots

L2M listening to music

CP chat post

BFN bye for now

CSL can’t stop laughing

CSG chuckle, snicker, grin

CU see you

BKA better known as

BRB be right back

BBML be back much later

CRBT crying real big tears

CNP continued (in my) next post

BBSL be back sooner or later

BWO black/white/other

BFF best friends forever

BWL bursting with laughter

CB chat brat

BTW by the way

BYKT but you knew that

BCNU I’ll be seeing you

BG big grin

BRT be right there

CMF count my fingers

BL belly laughing

BRH Be Right Here

BIOYN blow it out your nose

BEG big evil grin

CUL or CUL8ER see you later

BF boyfriend

BBN bye bye now

BWTHDIK but what the heck do I know

BR best regards

BBS be back soon

Btw between you and me

BTHOOM beats the heck out of me

BD big deal

CRTLA can’t remember the three letter acronym

C&G chuckle & grin

CID crying in disgrace

Final Words

Some people do not use text message abbreviations at all especially the older generation, acronyms are mainly employed by teens, younger people. In the future, this trend will change as we come to the age of technological advances.

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