The Most Beautiful French Words You Should Learn Today!

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Learn Beautiful French Words to Expand Your Lexicon!

French is a Romance language that was a combination of Galeo and Romance dialects spoken in northern France. The most beautiful French words are summed up in the article. I have listed only a few but I hope you will like them. I always wanted to speak this beautiful language but I only have weak French level. I understand something but I still struggle with French.

This month I´ve paid for French lessons with natives and I take it easy. Although, learning may be stressful, for me learning is fun. Whenever I make awkward sentences in French, I laugh about it. No need to worry about making mistakes in the language you learn. Remember that

I miss you Tu me manques

Happy Heureuse

Je suis heureuse I am happy

sad triste

Je suis triste I am sad

Children enfants

Pregnant Enceinte

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