The Best Figurative Language Examples For Your Exams

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Before we proceed to the list of examples, let´s provide the basic definition of figurative language: is defined as language that use words or idioms that have a meaning that differs from its original meaning. Figurative languages allow for the expression of a wide range of emotions and concepts. When it comes to effective and attractively composed sentences, it can propel concrete ideas in the reader’s head.

It is popular in poetry, but it’s also used in short stories. Its main goal is to let readers assume or anticipate the intetion of the literary work via indirect messages hidden in the literary text. It offer dramatic atmosphere to readers, giving it a certain tone tailored to specific works.

The most significant aspect of figurative language is that it may make words more colorful. It signifies that it is possible for people to convey abstract ideas. It establishes a tone and conveys emotional meaning, frequently through the use of humor.

In addition to creating a beautiful image with words, the author’s own impression can also be conveyed through linguistic style. It will show itself in the diction of the words used to make the reader feel at ease while reading. A writing’s simplicity or complexity will undoubtedly reflect the author.

Because writing involves the utilization of the brain, which is dependent on the author. The author’s intelligence can be seen in the way the plot is formed and the language employed in the writing.

figurative language examples

The List of 10 Figurative Language Examples

His eyes are deep like a pond. His yes are precious gold hidden in the depth of his fragile soul. The sun misses the starry sky. The sun is crying. The sky is crying heavily. The sun is smiling at us all day. The sky is frowning, it misses sunny days. Trees are dancing in the rain. The moon is dancing away.

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