Summer in the Forest

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Summer in the Forest is the story about young girl walking her dog late at night. The girl had brownish eyes full of sorrow.

The sorrow no one could take away, the sorrow stemmed from her bad childhood memories. Her father did not treat her right. He would blame her for everything She did wrong.

The Fear took hold of her fragile soul, the fear of rejection, not confering to the expected social norms. How can She possibly make him happy? She thought to herself.

´´Maybe I should clean the house. Maybe I should be silent. Maybe I should run away!´´ These thoughts were chasing her all the time

´´Maybe I should run away. Run away from everything or maybe stood up for myself and confront my attacker!

The man who never brought comfort into my fragile soul. The man who never comforted me in my dark moments. How can I possibly stay in this strange place?!

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