Some Useful English Love Words You Should Discover Today

English Love Words You Should Memorize Today

There are many different ways of saying ´´I love you´´. When you fall in love with someone who speaks English as their native tongue, your only wish is to express your love language in the same manner as your communication skills.

Not everyone is skilled when it comes to expressing their love tongue to the loved ones. Saying words of love properly without feeling embarassed is your greatest endevour, isn´t it? Let´s uncover some of the useful English love words:

  • Love at the first sight (being in love with someone instantly)
  • I miss you
  • I like you
  • I am in love with you
  • I have fallen in love
  • I have a crush on someone
  • I feel butterflies in my stomach
  • I am all over him
  • They are meant for each other
  • I love you with my heart and soul
  • I am completelly smitten by you
  • You took my breath away

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