Should You Learn English Through Story or Not?

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Things to Avoid When You Want to Learn English Through Story

Learning via stories is a great way how to expand your lexicon. Your vocabulary improves when you read a lot. Therefore, reading books is highly recommended when learning foreign languages.

However, don’t´ put much emphasis on reading if you try to speak English better. Reading in English can help you but you need to employ other methods as well. Speaking with native speakers can speed up the learning process to some extent.

I was speaking French with natives and I found it useful. I was busy so I could not have lessons with my tutor anymore. I prefer self-study now. However, It is not the best way how to study this language.

Native speakers can help you but you need an experienced teacher, beware of that. Without experienced teachers you cannot be guided properly in your study plan. You need proper study plan to reach profiency or fluency in the language.

Speaking is an active part of the learning process. Reason more to find a native speaker to talk to. Not everyone can afford to have English lessons with native speakers.

 But you want to learn English through story, right? Therefore, I created this website. I hope you will find my website useful. Easy to read short stories for beginners is a great way to enhance your learning experience.

But remember to develop all your skills, not only your reading skills. We have reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. All of them should be honed equally.


Find books for less advanced speakers. Don’t try to read bestsellers you find on the internet.

Why? I was there. I tried. I failed. Find authentic resources for beginners in English. You can read on quora and learn at the same time.

I study French via quora. Lots of interesting questions you can follow there. Or you can find a pen-friend.

This way you will be learning useful English words. Unlike figurative language, you encounter in many books.

 When you want to learn English through story, consider these things before you jump into English learning waters.

Learning is not simple. Work hard every day. You cannot expect immediate results with little effort!

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