Must-Know British Slang Words For Your Next Travels

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Useful British Slang Mots You Should Discover

The exchange of information is a common part of our daily life. I have decided to compile the list of the British slang you may find handy during your stay in England. Slang is the language used in the informal setting among peers or friends.

The easiness of online communication is the main reason of its use. Slang words are short and thus a quick, convenient way of instant messaging. Slang words are the reflection of the speakers´ attitude towards something.

A nerd is someone who is despised for his unique skills or extraordinary intelligence. Have you ever been called a nerd? Be glad to hear it!

Bonker– crazy, mad person. For example, I am a bonker because I do lots of crazy things

Mum– we can call our mother ´´mum´´

Dodgy– The Example: I heard They have been involved in some dodgy activities. Dodgy means suspicious

Fit Bird– If you come across an attractive lady in England tell her You are a fit bird! and you won´t get bad feedback.

Pub– is a place we call a bar. I am going to the pub means I am going to the bar

Sly– means sneaky in American English. If you call someone sly you basically tell them their actions do not match their words. They are being dishonest

DoughI need dough= I need money

Knackered I am tired

Slang words are used mainly in informal talk among people belonging to the same social group. Slang is used mainly in spoken discourse, not in writing. However, this trend may be changing. It may be short-lived as its usage is tied to a specific group of people. If it is no longer used it dies out. The language itself goes through rapid changes. Some words are invented, while others may lose their importance. British slang is not the exception to the rule.

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