List of Useful Idioms in English

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Idiomatic expressions don´t carry the literal meaning. E.g. words have a completely different meaning. How can you find their meaning? Well, you need a good dictionary to understand their hidden meaning. 

  1. You should not judge a book by its cover. You should look inside the person, as the outer layer does not reflect the inner beauty.
  1. Out of the Blue He came out of the blue (He paid me an unexpected visit)
  1. Feel a bit under the weather. I feel a bit under the weather and I can’t take a few days off. ( I feel sick)
  1. Piece of cake It was a piece of cake. (something was too easy to do)
  1. Once in the blue moon I see him once in the blue moon. (Something happens rarely)
  1. Argue the toss He will always argue the toss, not matter what you do. (A person who always disputes different view of situation)
  1. As long as your arm Very long 
  1. Cover your ass I will cover your ass (I will protect you)
  1. When you don´t know the answer to the question you can say ´´Ask me another´´
  1. A bad quarter of an hour Unpleasant experience, maybe something stressful you have to go through * Deal with or experience.
  1. Take a back seat receive less important role or position ´´He will take a back seat as usually´´

How important are Idiomatic expressions in Conversation? 

People rarely use them in common talk with friends but you will discover them quite frequently in articles. Writers try to enrich their texts with these expressions. Should you learn them? Well, using idioms in speech or writing may sometimes cause confusion if they´re not acquainted with them. Refrain from using them as you may speak with someone from Great Britain who’s never heard it before. Use of idiomatic expressions in your writing may be perceived as a sign of the writer’s elevated skills. Pros and Cons of their usage are abundant but ball’s in your court after all.

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