Learn Why Easiest Language to Learn Does Not Exist

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Why We Cannot Talk About Easiest Language to Learn?

Language as such was created to transmit information amongst people. Did you know that people talked via imitation of sounds? For example, they heard splash, They imitated the sound of splash. This way many other names for external actions were formed.

Why do we speak languages? We speak languages to understand different cultures, to get a job promotion or just to travel around the world. Language became the mean of communication, the necessity of our lives.

Before we get to the analysis of easiest language to learn, I have to mention few important aspects.

Language learning is not one-night stand. You cannot expect to speak foreign languages without hard work. Various factors influence our ability to acquire the language fluency.

Factors Influencing the Language Acquisition

Age– With age our ability to learn ceases. Therefore, It is recommended to study when you are still young as you will learn with ease. I had students who were 50-60 years old but They only refreshed their knowledge of the language. They studied English as adults. Thus, the same preliminary cannot be applied there.

Talent– We are born with certain predispositions. Whether or not you will learn languages depends on your skills or talents as well. Do you parents speak foreign languages? Were you born into multilingual family? These questions shall be addressed as well.

Eagerness– How passionate are you about languages? This can influence your ability to learn new words, sentences, phrases to great extent. If you are bored, angry about learning new language, this is all wrong.

You should not study it or maybe you should find a way how to make your studies an pleasant experience. For example, I found that with tutors I enjoy learning languages more than on my own.

I mentioned all these factors but the list is quite long, I have not listed all factors yet. The important thing is that language acquisition is not about set of rules you should follow to magically speak languages in few months.

There are some exceptions though, some people can grasp the basics of language in just few months. These are talented language learners, if you belong into this category, then you are the lucky one.

From my own perspective, I can tell that for me learning is quite easy. I learn and remember new words because I enjoy learning new languages. I combine various activies to facilitate the learning.

Easiest language to learn could be any language for you, as the whole process is subjective, It depends on individuals and their cognitive capacities (ability to learn and remember words).

I stop whenever I feel I am exhausted and do not enjoy it anymore. This is what you should do as well. Watch movies if you love it, read books if you adore literature. Do whatever you enjoy the most in your life.

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