Learn 20 Weather Words in English

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I have created the following post about 20 weather words in English. The list includes 20 most frequently used words.

Sunny– The day was sunny and I wanted to take a walk along the riverside. The sun was shining bright, so I had to take a walk in the park.

Rainy– It was raining all day so I had to take an umbrella with me. My coat was soaking wet because I had forgotton to take my umbrella.

Windy– After the sunset the wind had ceased. Wind tossed his hair and He tied it up in a bun

Cloudy– The sky was filled with thick clouds. The huge cloud of smoke hovered over the house. The sky was cloudy.

Rainbow– Have you ever seen a rainbow? The beautiful rainbow appears usually after the heavy rainfall

The heat– The evening heat was unbearable. The heat of the sun was taking on its intensity

Breeze– A cool breeze washed over me. A cool breeze touched his face

The fog– The fog was dispelled by the rising sun. Flights have been dismissed due to the foggy weather

Thunder– Lightning flashed and thunder hit the tree.

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