How to Use the Present Perfect Tense: Sample Sentences Included

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The definition of the Present Perfect Tense

We use present perfect to talk about unfinished actions lasting up to the present. Students often have a problem with comprehension of grammar. Personally, I was not able to understand it for a very long time

Lots of reading improved it but there are some instances when I am not completelly sure if the present tense should or should not be used.

Following examples can help you understand the tense better. (I have written 10 books= I am still alive so I can write more books, that´s why we use present perfect not the past tense)

I have never been to London (talking about experiences, therefore I use the tense)

Have you ever travelled by a plane? Have you been to Prague ever before? Have you seen her before? Have They already signed the agreement? Has She agreed to the proposal? Why has She not agreed with his opinion? Why have they refused the offer? Why has He declined the job proposal?

I have been here for 30 minutes. I have waited for too long. I have just finished the book. I have not finished the book yet. I have been here since the morning. How long have you been here for? She has been to France 10 times. I have written books on different topics. Have you ever written a story?

The present perfect tense is complex but when you are an confident English speaker, tenses become easier for you.

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