How to Positively Motivate Yourself to Learn English Every Day

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On the Way to Learn English Every Day Routine

English has become the global language, thus the driver of the world economy. The desire to speak English does not lie solely in work opportunities but in communication with non-native communities globally.

Motivation and demotivation have been recognized as factors involved in foreign language learning. Many studies have proved the fact that certain steps may be taken to positively influence learners.Students are mainly motivated when they feel support from their teachers or parents. 

Motivation can be defined as the factor influencing our goal to learn English or any language. The main question remains why some students are excited about learning while others feel demotivated. .Some strive to find new friends while others need a better paid job. In the worst case scenario, the main force is your parents. I am talking negatively about parent´s intervention for one single reason, e.g. negative motivation. 

learn English every day

Motivate Your Kids Positively

Sometimes it is our parents who want, expect something from us. You may receive a reward or a form of punishment if you fail doing so. Your children need positive factors, motivating them towards speaking languages.Students who enjoy their studies will feel motivated to continue till the end. Pleasure is important while studying, memorizing new information.

Make Learning Fun

How can you make English fun? Learn outside the classroom, try funny games, interactive activities, make use of online resources, and technological advances in English studies. Watch your favorite movie with subtitles and repeat after actors to retain new words faster. You can post something on social media in English. I use Quora a lot because ´´J’étudie français chaque jour´´. Ask a question and get answers. Translate sentences, read conversations to enhance your skills.

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