How to Learn French Words Effectively to Retain Them In Your Memory Longer?

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Study Guide to Keep French Words In Your Memory Longer!

French is well-known as the so-called ´´the language of love´´. France as a country abounds with rich history, the history of kings and queens.

Reasons for learning this language of elegance and charm are various e.g. I study French because I love how It sounds! 

My French skills are rather basic but I understand 66% of French texts already. But this is only a rough estimate.

I cannot tell exactly because It depends on the complexity of reading materials. I am really happy about it.

How do I study? Well, I use the translation technique every time I study a new language. 

 La femme is a French word but how should you memorize it effectively?

How many words per day should you study?

Let’s uncover this issue in the following article!

English is not my mother tongue, I had to study English. Everything is difficult initially when you are not familiar with the sound of language or length of words.

There are certain steps you should follow if you want to retain new words in your memory in the long time span!

 Of course there are physiological, cognitive aspects of learning that shall be considered e.g. We cannot influence it but we can employ some methods into learning so as to speed up the whole process to some extent.

-Translate Sentences

One of the methods I use when learning new words is direct translation. It works for me. This way I learn new French words in their context! 

– take a break sometimes

Do not rush. Take it easy when you study a new language. Relaxed environment as well as relaxed students works in your favour!

– Do not try to force yourself into memorizing new words

Drilling new words may help you to some extent but you will forget most of these words in the long run.

Instead try to read text  carefully, do not focus on understanding the whole text, try to make out the meaning yourself without a translator

How many words per day if you decide to drill new words?

Number of words you want to memorize daily is up to you but as I have already mentioned, learning lots of new words is not an effective solution.

If you want to retain French words in your memory longer you have to implement some other methods as well. 

Instead focus on reading texts in the language daily as well as on your listening skills.


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