How did I find motivation to learn English?

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You may ask yourself: How do I get motivation to learn English hard every day? Well, I was also asking this question a few years ago. The answer is not straightforward. If you think you lack the motivation in your studies, you are not alone. Almost everyone experiences this problem! Motivation plays a primary  role in learning. Motivated learners have sharp attention and a long attention span. 

English has risen to become the worldwide language and, as a result, the engine of the global economy. The drive to speak English stems from a desire to communicate with non-native people all around the world, not just in the United States.

The Definition of Motivation in Language Learning

Motivation and demotivation have both been identified as factors in foreign language acquisition. Several studies have shown that specific procedures can be performed to positively influence students. Students are most motivated when they see their professors or parents supporting them.

Motivation is a factor that increases our desire to study English or any other language. The main question remains as to why some pupils are eager to learn while others are not. Some people want to make new friends, while others are looking for a better paying career. In the worst-case situation, your parents are the driving force. I’m against parental interference for a single reason, namely, negative motivation.

Our parents may desire or expect anything from us at times. If you fail to do so, you may be given a reward or a sort of punishment. Your children require positive reinforcement to encourage them to learn languages. Students who enjoy their classes will be more inclined to finish them. While studying and memorizing new material, it is crucial to have fun.

Make Learning Funny Via Interactive Activities

What are some ways to make English enjoyable? Learn outside of the classroom by playing amusing games, participating in interactive activities, utilizing internet resources, and taking use of technology advancements in English studies. 

Watch Movies with Subtitles

To remember new words quickly, watch a movie with subtitles and repeat after the performers. You can use English to post something on social media. Because “J’étudie français tous les jours,” I utilize Quora a lot. Ask a question, and you’ll get a response. To improve your skills, translate sentences and listen to discussions. Motivation to learn English is increased while you are enjoying your studies. Always remember that!

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