How can you learn the hardest language in the world?

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Why is the hardest language in the world not so hard?

Lots of people pose the question ´´what is the hardest language in the world?´´. The answer is not that simple, though. We learn our native tongue naturally, thus the question of difficulty is only relevant to the study of the second language.

Following factors shall be taken into an account:

  1. Age– determines our ability to learn a new language. With age our learning skills slowly deteriorate.
  2. Our mother tongue– our native tongue may influence the learning of the second language
  3. Learners´ motivation– motivated students learn faster than unmotivated ones
  4. Learning Style- Introverts may be shy and opt for self-study materials. Extroverts are more eager to spark up the small English conversation with a tutor in a class.
  5. Teaching Style– teaching methods influence our learning skills to great extent. Never underestimate the power of good teachers!
  6. Self-confidence– is the another factor involved in language learning. Self-confident learners comprehend new information faster than bored, timid individuals. Uptake of knowledge is thus influenced by self-confidence as well among other factors.

Is it Really Hard to Learn a Language?

The following presumption may be made about Chinese: Chinese is so hard, I won´t study it. Spanish is easy. I am going to book a class with a teacher! These two sentences are similar and different. Both students want to learn a new tongue but their attitude varies. The attitude is what influences our cognitive skills e.g reception of languages. Languages are not similar but may share certain patterns. These differences may seem hard for beginners but later on, the learning becomes easy.

According to LeverageeEdu, this is the list of the most difficult languages to learn:

  1. Mandarin
  2. Arabic
  3. Telugu
  4. Japanese
  5. Polish
  6. Turkish
  7. Russian
  8. Vietnamese
  9. Finnish
  10. Korean

Babbel also wrote an article on the most difficult tongues but included Danish to the list! What makes Danish so difficult to learn is the pronunciation.

Conclusion: is there the hardest language in the world? Yes and No is the correct answer!

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