How can you find Simple English Story For Free?

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Find Simple English Story With My Tips

Reading has lots of benefits. It develops our critical thinking skills, expands the lexicon and knowledge as well. I have been reading books since I was 12. The first story I fell in love with was Jane Eyre by Ch. Bronte. My writing skills improved via reading tremendously. Read a lot and you will see results!

You can buy books online for free on websites like Bookrix. Bookrix is a platform opened to uprising writers. Anyone can publish their story there. I also published my story on the site. However, if you need simple English story, I do not reccomend it because It is good for advanced learners.

On my website, I write simple English stories for beginners. I enjoy doing it because writing is my passion. At the same time, I know, I can help someone with their learning process, which is truly rewarding feeling for me.

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