How can you find English stories to improve English?

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Should You Read English Stories to Improve English?

Internet is full of information. When we study online, we have one big advantage than our predecessors, we got the access to millions of English texts. Internet simplified our lives to great extent.

There are paid and free reading sources available online. I have created this website to help English learners find easy and free reading materials. I hope you will enjoy reading my stories. Reading section is not categorized but I try to write easy to understand English texts. Simplicity is the key, I think. English stories to improve English should not be difficult to comprehend that´s why I created this blog to make your life easier!

I still remember how I struggled with the reading comprehension when my English was at A1 level. I attempted to read news or read difficult books online. This is not the best way to study. Difficult books contain words you will not ever use. You should read authentic texts so as to expose yourself to the common English conversations. In the future, I plan to create the podcasts for beginners as well as for advanced English students.

I believe the education should be accessible to everyone, therefore I write stories for free. Keep in mind that you should not focus solely on reading English stories to improve English.

In order to improve your English you have to study via different study means. You can study via Listening e.g. listen to podcasts online, there are lots of English Podcasts out there. You can read Free English stories on my website. You can buy books for beginners or subscribe to watch movies with subtitles. You can buy courses online to study at your own pace.

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