How can you find B1 Reading Texts?

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Easy to Understand b1 Reading Texts

When you study English, you read books, news, articles a lot. But How can you find English resources for free? See my full guide. On my website, I write English stories for beginners. These stories are easy to read (comprehend). You can improve your reading skills via these stories.

Why should you read easy stories, not books? Well, stories for English learners are written for less advanced readers, thus you can easily understand it. Reading easy stories can be a fun and enriching experience for you.

How can you find the English easy stories

It is difficult to find stories written in simple language. Therefore, I created this website to help English learners. My stories are easy to read and short. You can read a new story every week. The reading section also contains Conversation topics e.g. everyday conversations with friends or family.

Conversations contain common words (vocabulary) used the most frequently. You can read  b1 reading texts on my website here. You can find the complete list of Short Stories in the article here. Stories are suitable for all levels as mentioned in the post.

Where else can you search for English stories?

Bookrix contains 1000+ English stories by aspiring writers or professional writers. You can visit them to check more.

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