How can you find a cheap English Teacher?

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Guide How to Find an English Teacher For You Who is Cheap and Qualified

The Idea of speaking foreign languages sounds great. We learn about different cultures. Years back when I started learning English because English is not my native tongue, I was looking for an English teacher. I hope, this article will help you find a cheap tutor. English is a language of rich cultural background and political influence. It is a Germanic tongue of the so-called Indoeuropean family. It is closely related to French, Latin, and Frisian. English is the official language of India, the Philippines, Singapore, and some African countries. You can learn more about the history of English here.

Expensive courses changed my mind quickly. I could not afford to pay 20  for one hour course with a native teacher. This was quite expensive for me. I decided to study on my own as This was the best option for me at that time.

The reason, why I´d decided to study English, was career advancement, better job opportunities, and also personal growth as such. English is a widely spoken language in the world, the language of most companies around the world. Speaking any language not only English is a great asset that makes your CV stand out!

Keep that in mind. The first thing you have to do when you plan to study any language not only English is to motivate yourself. Find the goal you want to reach. This way you will feel passionate about learning.

English is not easy, neither a hard language to learn. With proper strategies, you may learn it faster! The whole process is subjective, we cannot say that ´´You will speak English in 6 months´´ but at the same time we can say ´´There are some individuals, exceptions. Some people can reach B1 level faster than others´´.

Years back when I was looking for a cheap English teacher, I felt confused. The price for the course with natives was too much! I was a student, I could not pay for expensive classes with natives.

If you earn lots of money, it means nothing but for people with low income, It seems like a nightmare! I earn enough money now but I would not pay a lot for the course. Why? because I believe the price does not measure the quality. What I mean is that you can buy a cheap course and still get what you want.

One day, I was contacted by my old friend and He introduced me to Jack, an English teacher from the USA. I enjoyed English classes with him a lot, the first reason He was a MAN and the second one He was a funny and great teacher! I paid around 10€ for 60 minutes with Jack.

Great English teachers should make your life pleasant and motivate you positively in your studies! Remember that!

  • Evaluate if your tutor is talkative, if lessons are interactive or boring.
  • do not focus on speaking only, train your writing, listening and reading skills as well! See study methods here.
  • do pay for an expensive lesson if you do not know the language school. Do the review. Do not get cheated.
  • Change tutors from time to time. Variety is great for you.
  • opt for self-study if you find guided tutoring intimidating
  • Do not study nights and days. Make your study time funny and entertaining experience!
  • Read books from people who are polyglots to gain insight into learning methods
  • Ask friends for advice. I learned a lot from others
  • Do not have high expectations. Expect less and you will earn more

Final words: Learning can be funny and exhausting at times. Do not give up easily. Everything is hard when you start doing it but later on it becomes easier and easier for you!

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

Walt Disney

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