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You do not have to pay lots of money to find a cheap Italian tutor! Remember That! I was looking for a cheap tutor a few years ago when I stumbled upon the amazing website.

Italian language is mainly spoken in Italy and by some Europeans who wish to speak this beautiful language! Before I proceed to tips on how to find a cheap tutor, let’s dig deeper into interesting facts about Italian language!

Main Facts about Italian Language:

It became an official language in 19th. Its alphabet consists only of 21 letters. Approximately 65 mil. Speak this language worldwide. Isn’t it amazing? It is closely related to Latin. You know latin right? The language of church? Did you know that Italian is not the only language spoken in Italy?

Italians speak English, French, Spanish and the minority also uses German tongue. However, according the the article published on Italians cannot speak English well. Please read the full article here to learn more. More interesting is the fact that Italian prefer the foreign language over their native tongue as can be clear from the post published on

Italki offers cheap Italian lessons to its students. Italian tutor who is native is the best option for you! But you may start with non-natives if you want to save more money initially! However, even native tutors may charge only 10 Euros per hour! You should check their website to find out more!

What’s the main advantage? You can speak with thousands of tutors online! The lessons start from 8 Euros per hour but the pricing depends mainly on tutors! When I was learning English or German or French I spoke with Italki tutors and I was more than happy with the platform. Easy to use website makes it simple for its students to sign up within 5 minutes! Perfect, Isn’t it? You need an email address or you can sign up via Google account or your Facebook account.

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