How can you become fluent in Chinese Faster?

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Discover New Ways of Studying to Become Fluent in Chinese Faster

I have decided to put together the following article to help students who are not experienced with foreign language learning process. Before we proceed to the learning tips we shall introduce the language as such. Mandarin Chinese is a sign language, being spoken worldwide in countries like Macao, China, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia and India. Chinese is beautiful language, it is combination of different signs.

The Goal of every student is the native like fluency. Any language not only Chinese is difficult to learn and some people may give up right from the start. Patience is the key as even ´´the Rome wasn´t built in a day´´.

A Read a lot in Chinese– reading improves our critical thinking skills as well as our language competence. If you want to get fluent in Chinese quickly, do not neglect this.

B Practice every day- study regularly, the more time you devote to your studies, the higher the chance of improving your language.

C Study with a tutor– When I studied English, I could not go without a good teacher, though at that time I could not afford to pay for it. Later on, I booked classes with native teachers. I think if I studied earlier, It would make a huge difference. Find the language school to study with.

D Translate texts- Translation of songs, online texts or books adjusted to your level (not difficult books for advanced learners, avoid difficult texts) can be beneficial to you in the long term.

E Beginners should start with Chinese alphabet first- The alphabet is the cornerstone of every language.

F Find Self-Paced Chinese course– Self-study course is great for those who are too busy and find it hard to stick to the particular schedule with a tutor.

Final Thoughts– How long does it take to learn Chinese? How many months or days does it take to become fluent in Chinese? It is not easy to tell. It took me so long to reach C1 level in English. Learning Chinese is not a walk in the park, you have to study dilligently to reach your goals! Our ability to learn languages depends on a wide range of factors e.g. our mental, cognitive capacities. The Average price for the course with a tutor starts from 10€  per hour.

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