Hotel Accomodation Short Reading

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What time is the check-in? žWhat time is the check-out? žIs it possible to leave after 11 a.m? ž

We are being late, we apologize. Could we check-in after 10 p.m please? ž

žI cannot book my room via your website. žHow can I book my room? žIs phone reservation possible? žYour reservation is confirmed (accepted) žWe would like to change our reservation.

Is it possible? žYou may cancel your reservation 10 days before your arrival. žAny changes made to your reservation are charged upon standard fees.

žWe do not accept cash, only online payments. ž200 euros deposit is required.

Cancellation 30 months prior to your arrival is still possible without any additional fees. ž

You may cancel your hotel reservation without any additional fees 20 days prior to your arrival. ž ž ž ž

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