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Guide to English Speaking Better Than Yesterday

Reasons why your English speaking is not advanced yet and things to improve when you study it!

Reasons Why Your English Speaking is Not the Way You like

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Lots of factors are involved in developing our ability to learn foreign languages e.g. age, engagement, length of our studies, and so on. When we start studying foreign languages, we miss one important thing e.g. that learning is a long and difficult process.

We feel that It is ok to study 20 minutes a day and develop fluency in one year span or even less. No. This is not going to happen. Maybe in the fairytales.

If you want to speak English fluently, you have to study hard every day e.g. improving all your skills in the language (writing, reading, listening, and speaking skills simultaneously).

Speaking is the cornerstone of learning foreign languages because it is an active participant in the process of learning. Without active engagement, you may find yourself struggling a lot. like me. I was reading a lot, watching the news a lot but my English speaking was a pure disaster.

Things I did wrong and you can change today!

do not neglect to develop all these skills at the same time (speaking, writing, listening and reading)

  • You do not study hard enough- study a lot, study 60 minutes daily at least

  • you read books extensively and do not encounter the authentic language, which is the essence. When you learn with books, you may improve your critical thinking skills but not your English speaking, which you need for basic communication. If you want to speak it, you have to use it! Simple as that!

  • you spend too much time with grammar rules and you do not understand them anyway. Grammar is your lost time. I would not like to make some people upset with my statements, especially linguists or some scholars in particular. But if you need the language for conversations at work or with your friends, focus on speaking more. I know people who work for big corporations but they speak bad English. You would never believe they actually work there!

  • Big Warning: it does not mean you should neglect grammar studies. You need a basic grasp of grammar rules to learn a language proper way. When you do not know whether the word ´´the house´´ is the noun or verb in the sentence you cannot comprehend its meaning. The main pro is when your language belongs to the so-called Indoeuropean family.

  • you learn words but not sentences. Learn via translation! It was working for me when I studied English or French. Corrections, I am learning French currently.

I love learning foreign languages because for me learning is a way of understanding the world better.

Developing your English speaking skills takes lots of your time and effort, do not forget to speak it every day and do not miss reading authentic texts! 

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