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  • The Holiday

    I am going on holiday to Mallorca. Where are you traveling this summer? I am not going anywhere this year. I have cut expenses….

  • Week VI

    When was the last time you visited a dentist? I think it was in January of the last year and you? Well, I visit…

  • Talking about the Daily Life

    How tall are you? I do not know. I think I have 170 cm I have 180 cm. My father is taller than me….

  • Why is honesty in life so important?

    Being honest to you and to others is a sign of respect. However, some people cannot fully comprehend the meaning of truth in their…

  • Summer in the Forest

    Affiliate Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links Summer in the Forest is the story about young girl walking her dog late at night….

  • Summer Love First Part

    Affiliate Dislaimer: This post may contain affiliate links Chapter 1It was an ordinary day and I was preparing for my exams. I was sitting…

  • Summer Love 3th Part

    “Hi, Kate, I almost forgot to come by. I had to study for my exams”, I apologized, staring into her small deep-set eyes. “Come…

  • Summer Love 2th Part

    I opened the closet, searching for the trousers and brown leather jacket, I had bought last week in a shopping mall. As I stepped…

  • Reading 1

    Where are you from?  I´m from Spain. I live in Slovakia now. When did you move to Slovakia? I moved to Slovakia in 1994…