Find New Words to Describe Physical Appearance

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There is a myriad of words to describe physical appearance. I have summed up the following list of sentences to help you describe a person:

Type of Hair: curly, straight, wavy. Examples: She has curly blonde hair. He has straight hair and brown eyes

How to Describe Body?

When we talk about the body, we can describe body height and shapes. When we want to talk about height we can say: He is tall. He is small. He is very tall. He is very small. The last two sentences have rather negative connotations as they amplify the problem. You should never talk about strangers in this way.

We can describe body shapes, figure in different ways. When we say He is a big man we may insult a person as it could mean that He is fat. When we say he is small it may imply he is thin. Whatever is the case, you will insult the person.

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