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Learn English Vocabulary Strategically With My Pro Tips

Vocabulary expansion is not easy process to go through. New words do not come easy as It may seem. First months of studying a new language appear like a real struggle. Pronounciation of words can cause you a real headache. You cannot recall words not matter what you do. If you want to memorize English vocabulary effectively, you have to follow this article carefully:

Learn New Words Slowly– Do not rush into anything at all. The more you try, less you receive. When you drill lots of new words, you feel exhausted and disappointed because you will soon forget handful of them. That´s why you should learn words systematically and at your own pace. Let´s say you will study 10 new words every day. Learn how to create associations between words. How? Learn new words via translation Method.

Listen to audio recordings with native speakers– audio recordings online start from A1 to an advanced level of speaking. Listen to fast utterances, as you should train your ears to fast-paced talks. Slow recordings may prepare you better to grasp new words but It won´t prepare you the real-life talks. Your native friends will find it hard to speak slowly just because you cannot catch up with them. Although, There are some execptions, It truly depends on people, whether they want to do you a favour or not.

Make Learning Fun- join funny activites to expand your vocabulary. Learn words via interactive cards with pictures. Learn new words with subtitles in movies. Listen to your native tongue but turn on English subtitles or you can reverse it and try to understand some words or phrases in the movie. I reccomend you to use both methods. Do not focus on reading subtitles method only! Why movies? Movies are great source of real-life talks, authenticity.

Find a Tutor to Study With– study new words with an experienced teacher. The tutor will help you discover new ways of studying words and train you better than any automated software.

The Development of English vocabulary is lenghty process, work hard and patiently.