Discover New Ways to Speak English Fluently Faster?

Is it Possible to Speak English Fluently in 6 Months or Less?

The study of foreign languages does not sound optimistically, does it? Some theories claim we are endowned with certain innate skills that enable us to learn  languages with ease. However, this theory has been debated by schoolars for some time.

Learning is a combination of various factors e.g. physiological, cognitive and mental. All these factors influence our abilitity to reach the fluency in languages. Various theories have tried to outline the framework behind the acquisition of foreign languages as well as the native tongue.

At the age of 16 I became interested in learning foreign languages. From that time, I studied English dilligently night and day. Methods I applied into my study plan differed, from listening to news to reading newspaper extensively. I did not seem to progress in my speaking or writing skills at all. Methods you apply into your study plan may influence your learning to some extent. I´ve decided to put together the following list of tips:

Listen to Podcasts Online

Listening to native talk is the most effective study method you can implement into your daily routine. By listening to English conversations you will learn new phrases and their sounds. Even though, you do understand much, after some time you will see the progress in your effort. The important part is that you will learn words in their contextual meaning not individually.

Read Books Extensively Or Rather DO NOT

Books are a great source of new words, thus you may expect to enlarge your lexicon faster. But ask yourself one single question. How many words do you really need to speak English fluently? You don´t really need literary language to progress. Forget about reading books extensively as this may be your lost time. Focus on reading authentic sources, with useful words for conversations.

Use Translation Method

I study French via translation method, this method helped me a lot. My reading comprehension has improved tremendously since I started with this method. Why? Because you learn words in their context, unlike vocabulary drilling method, which does not work the same way as the translation!

Forget About Learning English in 6 Months

It is nice to elaborate a learning time management plan but with ceased expectations you may see bigger results. Do not stress yourself, try to be patient and the progress will come!

If you wish to speak English fluently, you have to work hard every day and never give up in spite of small failures!

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