How did I choose English Course Online?

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Save Money and Time 

Online learning saves your money and time but also gives you lots of flexibility and comfort. E-learning has become so popular in recent months and enabled us to learn anytime and from anywhere we like. Things to be aware of when choosing your Online course are plentiful.

It is better to study with popular language schools e.g. internationally known language schools as they provide the true value. With private tutors, you risk the waste of your money and time as they may lack the expertise in the field. Lots of people don´t trust private tutors and I understand their worries completely.

How did I choose my Online English Speaking Course?

When I was studying English, little did I know about the quality of the teaching process. I paid lots of money to private tutors. After some time I just gave up. What I need from tutors is friendliness and an easy-going personality. Teachers should be tolerant, patient individuals. Their attitude, behavior influences us tremendously.

I like tutors for their talkative personalities and attention they give to me. What makes me buy a language course? Well, first comes the price. How much do I have to pay for one hour course? I wouldn’t pay a lot. Online English speaking course is not expensive if you know how to search for it.

Define the price you are willing to pay for it. If the price doesn´t matter, then you´re the lucky one. But remember one thing, the price does not always reflect the good quality of provided services. People perceive higher price as the sign of higher standards but the opposite may be the truth at times.


Online Mandarin Courses You should Check out!

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Top Online Schools To Learn Mandarin Online

Mandarin language has gained its popularity among language learners. Apart from English, Spanish and German. Mandarin is getting more and more popular. Why do we study foreign languages? Career prospects, curious minds, intellectual enrichment and the list is quite long.

Whatever the reason for studying this beautiful language is, you can study it online and with natives. Take your Laptop, sit in the chair and start your learning journey with your favourite tutor.

You can choose from lots of language schools and study remotely whenever you like or wish to. For me, commuting is exhausting and time-consuming. I always study with my French tutors online.

I studied a few times because I am busy most of the time. But my experience with tutors was rather a pleasure than pain. I found new friends as well. It is definitely worth trying.


Italki is a language school providing Mandarin courses Online. You could also learn some other languages at this school. Lessons start from 10€ per one hour lesson over skype. Learn more here


Rype offers Mandarin courses as well. You could study German, Italian or Spanish and you can also learn Mandarin online. Get your 7 DAYS FREE TRIAL now!


How can you find B1 Reading Texts?

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Easy to understand b1 reading texts

When you study English, you read books, news, articles a lot. But How can you find English resources for free?

See my full guide. On my website I write English stories for beginners. These stories are easy to read (comprehend). You can improve your reading skills via these stories.

Why should you read easy stories not books?

Well, stories for English learners are written for less advanced readers, thus you can easily understand it. Reading easy stories can be a fun and enriching experience for you.

How can you find the English easy stories

It is difficult to find stories written in simple language. Therefore, I created this website to help English learners.

My stories are easy to read and short. You can read a new story every week.

Reading section also contains Conversation topics e.g. every day conversations with friends or family.

Conversations contain common words (vocabulary) used the most frequently. You can read  b1 reading texts on my website here.


4 Tips To Remember When Looking For a Good Japanese Teacher

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How to Find a good Japanese teacher for you Today

The most frequent question I get every day is ´´How can I find a good Japanese teacher?´´

You can have lessons through skype with your teachers or have private lessons or in the language school. Nowadays,  due to the current pandemic situation online tutoring is growing in its popularity.

Young people rely on technology a lot. They use their smartphones during the day to communicate or to search for information on the internet. In order to learn about good recipes or about the world around them.

Being attentive during classes may be a problem, for They are addicted to their electronic devices so much. This may disrupt the learning process.

Learning via their smartphones has become more favourable way of studying as the input of information has changed as well

Their electronic devices became their best friends and therefore teachers try to implement them into the teaching process.

The world of online education is amazing, as we do not have to commute or travel anywhere, just sit in front of the computer and listen to our tutors.

Turn on the screen, put the headphones on and learning can jump start!

  1. Find a professional teacher – when you look for a good tutor online, think twice before you choose him or her online. Online learning as I had already mentioned is my favourite study method amongst students!
  1. Do the background analysis– check if your tutor is experienced and has the best feedback. The best thing to do is to opt for a reputable education school. Language schools already have some credibility, so It is a fancy way of learning by most students. Unlike private tutoring which may seem suspicious initially.

  1. Do not get confused by wording. Some people may enhance their skills with false remarks, so as to get lots of students. They often pretend to make you believe they are the best choice on the market for you. Their qualifications may be bad. Do your work. Find out a lot about them to make sure you get the best! Most language schools require tests to verify their teachers. So as to ensure non-native teachers provide the quality service to their clients online!

A good Japanese teacher title shall not confuse you, make sure to check their credibility as it may be deceiving.

Learning can be funny and interactive. You may find new friends soon!


Tips to Build Your Vocabulary in English Faster

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Learning is like diving in the ocean, first you have to study how to swim, then you can jump in. 

The same principle applies here. Learn how to swim and afterwards find the nearest ocean.

Initially you will encounter lots of steep roads on your way to success in your efforts but remember one thing ´´Rome wasn’t built in one day´´.

Learn Via Translation

When you translate your learn words in context. Words have multiple combinations, their variations are unlimited. 

 ´´Work´´ can be a noun and a verb. How do we know it’s a noun? 

Well Nouns come first, verbs follow it. Translate your target language every day and your efforts will bear its fruit! 

When you build vocabulary via translation you study contextual meaning of words. Quite useful right? 

Don´t Torture Yourself By Drilling New Words

The more fed up you are with studying new words, the worse your performance becomes. 

Let it be. Go with the flow and learn new words naturally without pressure. 

Many studies have put forth the importance of an amiable environment when learning new things. 

Don’t Neglect Your Listening Skills 

When you build vocabulary, build it with audio recordings by Natives.

Play Word Games

Playing word games builds your vocabulary to some extent. You have to think deeply about different words and this way you memorize new words more easily.

You don´t have to Study All Words

Remember one thing. For communication in language we only need to know few thousands of words

Do you remember the time when you couldn’t retrieve a word in your native language? Well, It has happened to all of us and it is a natural part of learning. We learn and we forget. 

Reason why we can’t retain them in our memory is their occurrence in speech. 

Study with English Teachers

English tutor will guide your properly, explain you complex English words or sentences. When I was learning English, I spoke with English teachers a lot.

You have to take the active part in the learning process. Reading is fine but it is the passive way of studying foreign languages thus not effective as much as the active study of languages!


Guide to Find a Good German Language Course For You

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Choose Your German Language Course Wisely

Now that you´ve decided to study German, you need to choose an appropriate course for you. How to choose your course effectively and without headache?

Before we get to tips on how to choose your study course, we shall introduce German as such.

German is the most widely spoken language in the world. By the way, It is one of 4 official languages in Switzerland. Learning foreign language can be an intimidating experience  but it may also be a rewarding experience in the end.

Education offers us multiple advantages, e.g.  knowledge. And we know that knowledge is a power. Learning takes lots of our time, patience and hard work. Once our brain gets acquainted with peculiarities of the foreign language, associations become stronger and stronger. Therefore, progress from beginner to intermediate is much harder than transition from intermediate to advanced level.

Our world is interconnected and ability to speak a second language became prerequisite to success in life. Multilingualism is a cutting edge of your CV skills. It will increase your chance of getting hired by some companies.Learning foreign language is definitively not a BAD IDEA. Therefore when you want to buy  German language course, you should consider this aspect. Work vocabulary is different from travel language or from conversations among friends.

 The world depends on foreign languages. Speaking a language enables us to transmit the information among different cultural backgrounds. Varieties in terms of cultural connotations that specific words may carry created the obstacle in efficient communication. Therefore, the main question remains to what extent is the learning necessary?

Smooth communication among people is the main goal of common conversations. The basic vocabulary for speaking in English is 10 000 words according to stats. The basic talk consists of common words as I need, I call, I ask, I don´t need, etc. But if we need to get involved in more complex problems, the issue may arise.

1.       Check reviews

What’s the reputation of the school? Is it a positive or rather negative one?

2.       Set a Spending Budget

How much would you pay for a course per month? What´s the borderline for you? Set strict boundaries. The price usually starts from 10  per 60 minutes of speaking with natives but It may go even higher.

3.       What’s Your Learning Goal?

Why are you studying? Do you want it for work, travel or both? Whether It’s a pleasure related or your duty to study this language you should always create a learning plan.

Without a plan, you cannot reach anything. Can you imagine that architects would build without plans? I can´t and the same principle applies to learning.

4.       Study with Non-Native Teachers First!

Studying with natives may be difficult for beginners as you cannot understand literally anything. Their accent is a foreign land for you. By the time when your lexicon expands and is sufficient enough, you may consider lessons with natives. But from my own experience I can tell that lessons with natives may be more expensive and difficult. Non-natives charge less. The language schools offer non-native lessons as well for a reasonable price. Choose your German language course based on your study needs and your level.

5.       Should You Study On Your Own?

Studying on your own and without a tutor may be a more cost-effective, money wise option for you. But Is it really worth it?


You can’t speak German  miraculously without hard work done on your side.  Without diligent studies e.g. study on your own + lessons with online or on-site tutors you cannot reach fluency.

Fluent students studied so hard for months and didn’t expect results to come within 3 months.

7.       Change Tutors Frequently

Learn with different tutors. Why? Because only this way you can train your ears to different accents! German pronunciation may vary and by speaking with various tutors you will get acquainted with cultural disparities of the German tongue! German language course is a good option for those who would  like to enrich their resume or just their personal life!


List of Useful Idioms in English

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Idiomatic expressions don´t carry the literal meaning. E.g. words have a completely different meaning. How can you find their meaning? Well, you need a good dictionary to understand their hidden meaning. 

  1. You should not judge a book by its cover. You should look inside the person, as the outer layer does not reflect the inner beauty.
  1. Out of the Blue He came out of the blue (He paid me an unexpected visit)
  1. Feel a bit under the weather. I feel a bit under the weather and I can’t take a few days off. ( I feel sick)
  1. Piece of cake It was a piece of cake. (something was too easy to do)
  1. Once in the blue moon I see him once in the blue moon. (Something happens rarely)
  1. Argue the toss He will always argue the toss, not matter what you do. (A person who always disputes different view of situation)
  1. As long as your arm Very long 
  1. Cover your ass I will cover your ass (I will protect you)
  1. When you don´t know the answer to the question you can say ´´Ask me another´´
  1. A bad quarter of an hour Unpleasant experience, maybe something stressful you have to go through * Deal with or experience.
  1. Take a back seat receive less important role or position ´´He will take a back seat as usually´´

How important are Idiomatic expressions in Conversation? 

People rarely use them in common talk with friends but you will discover them quite frequently in articles. Writers try to enrich their texts with these expressions. Should you learn them? Well, using idioms in speech or writing may sometimes cause confusion if they´re not acquainted with them. Refrain from using them as you may speak with someone from Great Britain who’s never heard it before. Use of idiomatic expressions in your writing may be perceived as a sign of the writer’s elevated skills. Pros and Cons of their usage are abundant but ball’s in your court after all.



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Italian language is mainly spoken in Italy and by some Europeans who wish to speak this beautiful language! Before I proceed to tips on how to find a cheap tutor, let’s dig deeper into interesting facts about Italian language!

Main Facts about Italian Language:

It became an official language in 19th

Its alphabet consists only of 21 letters

65 mil. Speak this language worldwide Isn’t it amazing?

It is closely related to Latin. You know latin right? The language of church? 

You do not have to pay lots of money to find a cheap Italian tutor! Remember That!

I was looking for a cheap tutor a few years ago when I stumbled upon the website called Italki. Italki offers cheap Italian lessons to its students. Italian tutor who is native is the best option for you! But you may start with non-native if you want to save more money initially! However, even native tutors may charge only 10 Euros per hour! You should check their website to find out more!

What’s the main advantage? You can speak with thousands of tutors online! 

The lessons start from 8 Euros per hour but the pricing depends mainly on tutors!

When I was learning English or German or French I spoke with Italki tutors and I was more than happy with the platform.

Easy to use website makes it simple for its students to sign up within 5 minutes! Perfect, Isn’t it?

You need an email address or you can sign up via Google account or your Facebook account.



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Choosing the best course for you, does not have to be the rocket science. Please see my list of courses below.


Price: starts from 10€

No subscription Plans! You pay as you go! 


Spanish, Chinese, French, English, Arabic, Hebrew you can choose literally any language you want to!

Sign up is quite simple and takes less than 2 minutes of your time!


Price: starts from 8, you buy subscription plans

Languages: English, Business English, French, Spanish and German!

They currently offer Language Sprint Challenge

It starts from 8


How to Find A Cheap Chinese Course in 10 Minutes?

Ways to Get A Cheap Chinese Course

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Chinese is spoken by the vast majority of the world. Did you know it is being spoken outside China as well? Well, in Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines.

Why do you want to study it? Well for some it is work-related and for others, it is purely traveling experience enhancement. Whatever the reason may be, this language is definitively worth it!

When I search for a cheap course, I always do my research. I do not search, to be honest. I got language schools that I trust and I know I can switch tutors any time I do not like someone!

If you want to buy a cheap Chinese course you should follow this article carefully!

  • It happens, we find a tutor and we do not like him anymore, get bored after some time. Thus, we have to find a new one. Well, with language schools it is a much easier process, unlike with private tutors!
  • Never spend hundreds of euros on subscriptions if you do not trust the company! Buy small package instead to test them!
  • Ask your friends or acquaintances if they know someone who teaches the language but the following advice is the last resort you should turn to! Non-native teachers cannot compete with natives! Only hardly! Rarely can you find a great non-native teacher, though you may be the lucky person! As a beginner in a language, you cannot discern whether the tutor is good or not. Therefore, stick to the language schools with a good reputation.

  • You could check the reputation of schools on the internet via feedbacks or reviews from people. Sometimes reviews may be tricky and as we know, people like to complain but generally speaking, a good language school keeps its reputation amongst its students!

A good and cheap Chinese course may be tricky at times. Keep on searching for your course! You may find one that meets your needs and expectations!