Understand Compound Words Better with My Sample Sentences

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The Short Definition of Compound Words

Compound words have a meaning defined by its constituents e.g. words ( white-collar jobs) two words with unique meaning by itself but when connected together they form a completelly different sense or meaning.

Compounds are divided into various categories e.g. compound nouns, adjectives etc.

Cold-Hearted ´´He is a cold-hearted man, He does not show any emotions´´

Open-Minded ´´He is an open-minded man, He never disputes anyone´s opinion!´´

Afterlife ´´Do you believe in afterlife?´´ (life after the death)

Allover ´´The trash was allover the place´´

Footprints ´´Footprints were allover the place´´

Background ´´The background was green´´

Backyard ´´The small building was located in the backyard´´

Playground ´´Children were playing in the background when the strange man approached them´´

aftermath ´´ The aftermath of the rising escalation in the country was the destabilization of the political system´´

upspring ´´Parents always take care of their upspring´´

uprising ´´The uprising had led to the complete change of the country and its conduct´´

upstairs ´´He went upstairs when She entered the house´´

The List of Compound words is abundant. They enrich the writing, therefore you should implement them into your writing!


How to Learn French Words Effectively to Retain Them In Your Memory Longer?

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Study Guide to Keep French Words In Your Memory Longer!

French is well-known as the so-called ´´the language of love´´. France as a country abounds with rich history, the history of kings and queens.

Reasons for learning this language of elegance and charm are various e.g. I study French because I love how It sounds! 

My French skills are rather basic but I understand 66% of French texts already. But this is only a rough estimate.

I cannot tell exactly because It depends on the complexity of reading materials. I am really happy about it.

How do I study? Well, I use the translation technique every time I study a new language. 

 La femme is a French word but how should you memorize it effectively?

How many words per day should you study?

Let’s uncover this issue in the following article!

English is not my mother tongue, I had to study English. Everything is difficult initially when you are not familiar with the sound of language or length of words.

There are certain steps you should follow if you want to retain new words in your memory in the long time span!

 Of course there are physiological, cognitive aspects of learning that shall be considered e.g. We cannot influence it but we can employ some methods into learning so as to speed up the whole process to some extent.

-Translate Sentences

One of the methods I use when learning new words is direct translation. It works for me. This way I learn new French words in their context! 

– take a break sometimes

Do not rush. Take it easy when you study a new language. Relaxed environment as well as relaxed students works in your favour!

– Do not try to force yourself into memorizing new words

Drilling new words may help you to some extent but you will forget most of these words in the long run.

Instead try to read text  carefully, do not focus on understanding the whole text, try to make out the meaning yourself without a translator

How many words per day if you decide to drill new words?

Number of words you want to memorize daily is up to you but as I have already mentioned, learning lots of new words is not an effective solution.

If you want to retain French words in your memory longer you have to implement some other methods as well. 

Instead focus on reading texts in the language daily as well as on your listening skills.



Simple Tips to Excel at Writing as a Non-Native Speaker

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How can you get better at writing as a Non- Native Speaker?

I am non-native English speaker. How did I reach the fluency? Well, lots of hard work!

Nothing comes easily in life. The dream of every language student is reaching the native-like fluency. What makes learning languages harder?

However, ´´the Rome was not built in a day ´´ and the language development is driven by the very same principle!

A Non-native speaker is someone who does not speak the native tongue. To what extent does it influences our ability to learn?

The ability to learn languages depends on wide range of factors. All these aspects shall be taken into account before we can evaluate the speed of learning foreign languages. How can you improve your English skills faster?

Stop Using Personal Pronouns– e.g. I cannot reach the fluency in English vs The fluency in English cannot be accomplished easily.

The first sentence sounds unprofessionaly, whereas the latter one is the sign of an advanced English writer.

Sometimes excessive use of personal pronouns may lead to cliché.

Read a lot- Reading is important in developing our critical thinking skills but also in the study of foreign languages.

Read on daily basis if you want to expand your lexicon in English. The vocabulary span ranges from 5000-10 000 words, e.g. words required for the basic English conversation. How can you find easy English stories? Find out more here.

This number varies greatly and sometimes different criteria may be used.


Why is It Better to Study Languages with the Language Tutor?

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4 Reasons Why I decided to study with the Language Tutor Online

The road of learning may be steepy at times. E- learning has made our lives simpler than ever before.

No commuting, just turn on your screen and the learning can begin.

1. Learning with the language tutor is easier for you

If you are beginner, then you may struggle on your own. When I was studying English, courses were expensive.

I opted for self- study, which was difficult process for me in the long run. I would study with tutors right from the start.

2. Save more money On-site tutoring is expensive

Language schools charge from 25€ per 60 minutes private lessons. Lessons with the language tutor may be more cost-effective solution for you

3. You get to know lots of tutors

Variety is always good and It mainly applies for studying online with tutors. When I studied with natives via Online language school, I met lots of new people.

My teachers became my best friends. The boundaries are always set, if you do not feel comfortable about discussing your private life It is ok.

You do not have disclose your personal information to strangers

4. Comfort No need to turn on camera

You can talk to your tutors via skype Your identity is completely safe. Some people do not feel confident especially when They have to speak to someone.

It is awkward most of the time. The first time you use your non- native tongue is always hard but after some time you will get used it!

The language tutor should always be helpful and support you in your studies!


How can you find a cheap English Teacher?

Guide How to Find an English Teacher For You Who is Cheap and Qualified

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The Idea of speaking foreign languages sounds great. We learn about different cultures.

Years back when I started with learning English because English is not my native tongue, I was looking for an English teacher online.

Expensive courses changed my mind quickly. I could not afford to pay 20  for one hour course with native teacher.

This was quite expensive for me. I struggled a lot, I could not find a cheap English lessons at all.

Reason why I´d decided to study English was career advancement, better job opportunities and also personal growth as such.

English is widely spoken language in the world, the language of most companies around the world. Those who speak the language make the most out of it!

Speaking any language not only English is a great asset which makes your CV stand out! Keep that in mind!

English is not easy, neither hard language to learn. With proper strategie you may learn it faster!

Years when I was looking for a cheap English teacher, I felt confused. The price for the course with natives was too much!

If you earn lots of money, it means nothing but for people with low wage this is not working!

I was searching on google, asking my friends if they may know someone but I had no luck.

One day, I was contacted by my old friend and He introduced me to Jack, English teacher from the USA. I enjoyed English classes with him a lot, the first reason He was a MAN and the second one He was a funny and great teacher!

Great English teachers should make your life pleasant and motivate your positively in your studies! Remember that!


Online Mandarin Courses You should Check out!

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Top Online Schools To Learn Mandarin Online

Mandarin language has gained its popularity among language learners. Apart from English, Spanish and German. Mandarin is getting more and more popular. Why do we study foreign languages? Career prospects, curious minds, intellectual enrichment and the list is quite long.

Whatever the reason for studying this beautiful language is, you can study it online and with natives. Take your Laptop, sit in the chair and start your learning journey with your favourite tutor.

You can choose from lots of language schools and study remotely whenever you like or wish to. For me, commuting is exhausting and time-consuming. I always study with my French tutors online.

I studied a few times because I am busy most of the time. But my experience with tutors was rather a pleasure than pain. I found new friends as well. It is definitely worth trying.


Italki is a language school providing Mandarin courses Online. You could also learn some other languages at this school. Lessons start from 10€ per one hour lesson over skype. Learn more here


Rype offers Mandarin courses as well. You could study German, Italian or Spanish and you can also learn Mandarin online. Get your 7 DAYS FREE TRIAL now!


How can you find B1 Reading Texts?

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Easy to understand b1 reading texts

When you study English, you read books, news, articles a lot. But How can you find English resources for free?

See my full guide. On my website I write English stories for beginners. These stories are easy to read (comprehend). You can improve your reading skills via these stories.

Why should you read easy stories not books?

Well, stories for English learners are written for less advanced readers, thus you can easily understand it. Reading easy stories can be a fun and enriching experience for you.

How can you find the English easy stories

It is difficult to find stories written in simple language. Therefore, I created this website to help English learners.

My stories are easy to read and short. You can read a new story every week.

Reading section also contains Conversation topics e.g. every day conversations with friends or family.

Conversations contain common words (vocabulary) used the most frequently. You can read  b1 reading texts on my website here.


4 Tips To Remember When Looking For a Good Japanese Teacher

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How to Find a good Japanese teacher for you Today

The most frequent question I get every day is ´´How can I find a good Japanese teacher?´´ Finding the right teacher may be a problem at times. When I was studying English, I had bad and good teachers as well. I never paid lots of money for online tutoring. What I wanted the most was the quality course with natives or maybe non-native tutors

You can have lessons through skype with your teachers or have private lessons or in the language school. Nowadays,  due to the current pandemic situation online tutoring is growing in its popularity.

Young people rely on technology a lot. They use their smartphones during the day to communicate or to search for information on the internet. In order to learn about good recipes or about the world around them.

Being attentive during classes may be a problem, for They are addicted to their electronic devices so much. This may disrupt the learning process.

Learning via their smartphones has become more favourable way of studying as the input of information has changed as well

Their electronic devices became their best friends and therefore teachers try to implement them into the teaching process.

The world of online education is amazing, as we do not have to commute or travel anywhere, just sit in front of the computer and listen to our tutors.

Turn on the screen, put the headphones on and learning with a Japanese teacher can jump start!

  1. Find a professional teacher – when you look for a good tutor online, think twice before you choose him or her online. Online learning as I had already mentioned is my favourite study method amongst students! You can choose from lots of Language Schools Online.
  1. Do the background analysis– check if your tutor is experienced and has the best feedback. The best thing to do is to opt for a reputable education school. Language schools already have some credibility, so It is a fancy way of learning by most students. Unlike private tutoring which may seem suspicious initially.

  1. Do not get confused by wording. Some people may enhance their skills with false remarks, so as to get lots of students. They often pretend to make you believe they are the best choice on the market for you. Their qualifications may be bad. Do your work. Find out a lot about them to make sure you get the best! Most language schools require tests to verify their teachers. So as to ensure non-native teachers provide the quality service to their clients online!

A good Japanese teacher title shall not confuse you, make sure to check their credibility as it may be deceiving.

Learning can be funny and interactive. You may find new friends soon!


Tips to Build Your Vocabulary in English Faster

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Learning is like diving in the ocean, first you have to study how to swim, then you can jump in. 

The same principle applies here. Learn how to swim and afterwards find the nearest ocean.

Initially you will encounter lots of steep roads on your way to success in your efforts but remember one thing ´´Rome wasn’t built in one day´´.

Learn Via Translation

When you translate your learn words in context. Words have multiple combinations, their variations are unlimited. 

 ´´Work´´ can be a noun and a verb. How do we know it’s a noun? 

Well Nouns come first, verbs follow it. Translate your target language every day and your efforts will bear its fruit! 

When you build vocabulary via translation you study contextual meaning of words. Quite useful right? 

Don´t Torture Yourself By Drilling New Words

The more fed up you are with studying new words, the worse your performance becomes. 

Let it be. Go with the flow and learn new words naturally without pressure. 

Many studies have put forth the importance of an amiable environment when learning new things. 

Don’t Neglect Your Listening Skills 

When you build vocabulary, build it with audio recordings by Natives.

Play Word Games

Playing word games builds your vocabulary to some extent. You have to think deeply about different words and this way you memorize new words more easily.

You don´t have to Study All Words

Remember one thing. For communication in language we only need to know few thousands of words

Do you remember the time when you couldn’t retrieve a word in your native language? Well, It has happened to all of us and it is a natural part of learning. We learn and we forget. 

Reason why we can’t retain them in our memory is their occurrence in speech. 

Study with English Teachers

English tutor will guide your properly, explain you complex English words or sentences. When I was learning English, I spoke with English teachers a lot.

You have to take the active part in the learning process. Reading is fine but it is the passive way of studying foreign languages thus not effective as much as the active study of languages!


Guide to Find a Good German Language Course For You

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Choose Your German Language Course Wisely

Now that you´ve decided to study German, you need to choose an appropriate course for you. How to choose your course effectively and without headache?

Before we get to tips on how to choose your study course, we shall introduce German as such.

German is the most widely spoken language in the world. By the way, It is one of 4 official languages in Switzerland. Learning foreign language can be an intimidating experience  but it may also be a rewarding experience in the end.

Education offers us multiple advantages, e.g.  knowledge. And we know that knowledge is a power. Learning takes lots of our time, patience and hard work. Once our brain gets acquainted with peculiarities of the foreign language, associations become stronger and stronger. Therefore, progress from beginner to intermediate is much harder than transition from intermediate to advanced level.

Our world is interconnected and ability to speak a second language became prerequisite to success in life. Multilingualism is a cutting edge of your CV skills. It will increase your chance of getting hired by some companies.Learning foreign language is definitively not a BAD IDEA. Therefore when you want to buy  German language course, you should consider this aspect. Work vocabulary is different from travel language or from conversations among friends.

 The world depends on foreign languages. Speaking a language enables us to transmit the information among different cultural backgrounds. Varieties in terms of cultural connotations that specific words may carry created the obstacle in efficient communication. Therefore, the main question remains to what extent is the learning necessary?

Smooth communication among people is the main goal of common conversations. The basic vocabulary for speaking in English is 10 000 words according to stats. The basic talk consists of common words as I need, I call, I ask, I don´t need, etc. But if we need to get involved in more complex problems, the issue may arise.

1.       Check reviews

What’s the reputation of the school? Is it a positive or rather negative one?

2.       Set a Spending Budget

How much would you pay for a course per month? What´s the borderline for you? Set strict boundaries. The price usually starts from 10  per 60 minutes of speaking with natives but It may go even higher.

3.       What’s Your Learning Goal?

Why are you studying? Do you want it for work, travel or both? Whether It’s a pleasure related or your duty to study this language you should always create a learning plan.

Without a plan, you cannot reach anything. Can you imagine that architects would build without plans? I can´t and the same principle applies to learning.

4.       Study with Non-Native Teachers First!

Studying with natives may be difficult for beginners as you cannot understand literally anything. Their accent is a foreign land for you. By the time when your lexicon expands and is sufficient enough, you may consider lessons with natives. But from my own experience I can tell that lessons with natives may be more expensive and difficult. Non-natives charge less. The language schools offer non-native lessons as well for a reasonable price. Choose your German language course based on your study needs and your level.

5.       Should You Study On Your Own?

Studying on your own and without a tutor may be a more cost-effective, money wise option for you. But Is it really worth it?


You can’t speak German  miraculously without hard work done on your side.  Without diligent studies e.g. study on your own + lessons with online or on-site tutors you cannot reach fluency.

Fluent students studied so hard for months and didn’t expect results to come within 3 months.

7.       Change Tutors Frequently

Learn with different tutors. Why? Because only this way you can train your ears to different accents! German pronunciation may vary and by speaking with various tutors you will get acquainted with cultural disparities of the German tongue! German language course is a good option for those who would  like to enrich their resume or just their personal life!