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Summer Love 3th Part

“Hi, Kate, I almost forgot to come by. I had to study for my exams”, I apologized, staring into her […]

How can you find B1 Reading Texts?

Affiliate Disclaimer: I may earn a small commission when you click links placed in this post Easy to understand b1 […]

Summer Love 2th Part

Affiliate Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links As the weather was beautiful today, I decided to take a walk. […]

Reading 3

Have you seen a new girl in the school? No, I haven´t. Why? She is so beautiful. Blue-eyed girl with […]

Reading 2

Do you have a girlfriend? No, I don´t. Me Neither. Why not? I don´t have time for it. I am […]

Reading 1

Where are you from?  I´m from Spain. I live in Slovakia now. When did you move to Slovakia? I moved […]

4 Tips To Remember When Looking For a Good Japanese Teacher

Are you lookin for a tutor? Get tip how to find a good and cheap Japanese Teacher

Tips to Build Your Vocabulary in English Faster

Guide how to build your vocabulary in any language not only in English. Please check this out!

Guide to Find a Good German Language Course For You

Tips how to choose your German Language Course. Learn More in the post!

List of Useful Idioms in English

Affiliate Disclaimer: I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you when you click links placed in […]

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