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American slang is different from the formal speech you have encountered in news. The language of media vs language of informal communication is a completely different universe in terms of what is expected to use and what is forbidden e.g. sexually explicit content, vulgarisms. I need one buck= I need one dollar

I have decided to put together the following list of American Slang Words for those who find it hard to comprehend the ambiguous meaning of these words. The word ´´ambiguous´´ means that the meaning of words cannot be discerned from their individual parts. Let´s say ´´I want to grab a taxi´´ What comes to your mind when you heard the verb grab? The verb grab means to take away something but in connection with the verb a taxi, it makes a different meaning. The only way to find out its meaning is to use the dictionary of American slang words. Or you may google it. Possibilities are not limited.

Merriam Webster defines the slang as ´´language peculiar to a particular group´´ ´´an informal nonstandard vocabulary composed typically of coinages, arbitrarily changed words, and extravagant, forced, or facetious figures of speech´´

According to Britannica slang is the expression that refers either to something old with a new name. It may be obscene at times.

Hit the road= Leave. We have decided to hit the road

Piece of Cake= Easy It was not piece of cake

to jack up the prices= to quickly increase prices

hold your horses= wait a moment

to have a crush on= to be attracted to sb

an epic fail= utter disaster

I feel you= I understand you

My bad= My mistake

Go bananas= go crazy

Gourd= head

Groovy= pleasant

Grub= food


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