6 Adjectives that Start with Ap You Should Learn Today

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Apparent– evident. Examples: His actions were apparent. It was apparent She was not coming back. It was apparent He was angry. It was not apparent whether or not they reply to our message.

Appraising- carefully evaluating something. Examples: His appraising look scared me. Appraising eyes were mapping every square inch of my body.

Approving– showing trust, agreeing with something. Examples: She gave him an approving nod (She agreed with him). Her approving eyes made them realize she was not lying.

appositive– means related to each other but you will not encounter this adjective in everyday talk. It is used mainly in lexicology.

apprehensive– fearful. Examples: He gave her an apprehensive stare. His apprehensive look was unbearable. Her apprehensive facial expression made him sad.

apt– suitable. Examples: He was not an apt participant in the process. She was apt to be a mother.

Adjectives that Start with Ap are only a few but you can learn new words in Free English stories section on my website.

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