How can you find a cheap English Teacher?

Guide How to Find an English Teacher For You Who is Cheap and Qualified

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The Idea of speaking foreign languages sounds great. We learn about different cultures.

Years back when I started with learning English because English is not my native tongue, I was looking for an English teacher online.

Expensive courses changed my mind quickly. I could not afford to pay 20  for one hour course with native teacher.

This was quite expensive for me. I struggled a lot, I could not find a cheap English lessons at all.

Reason why I´d decided to study English was career advancement, better job opportunities and also personal growth as such.

English is widely spoken language in the world, the language of most companies around the world. Those who speak the language make the most out of it!

Speaking any language not only English is a great asset which makes your CV stand out! Keep that in mind!

English is not easy, neither hard language to learn. With proper strategie you may learn it faster!

Years when I was looking for a cheap English teacher, I felt confused. The price for the course with natives was too much!

If you earn lots of money, it means nothing but for people with low wage this is not working!

I was searching on google, asking my friends if they may know someone but I had no luck.

One day, I was contacted by my old friend and He introduced me to Jack, English teacher from the USA. I enjoyed English classes with him a lot, the first reason He was a MAN and the second one He was a funny and great teacher!

Great English teachers should make your life pleasant and motivate your positively in your studies! Remember that!

Free English Stories

Summer in the Forest

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Summer in the Forest is the story about young girl walking her dog late at night. The girl had brownish eyes full of sorrow.

The sorrow no one could take away, the sorrow stemmed from her bad childhood memories. Her father did not treat her right. He would blame her for everything She did wrong.

The Fear took hold of her fragile soul, the fear of rejection, not confering to the expected social norms. How can She possibly make him happy? She thought to herself.

´´Maybe I should clean the house. Maybe I should be silent. Maybe I should run away!´´ These thoughts were chasing her all the time

´´Maybe I should run away. Run away from everything or maybe stood up for myself and confront my attacker!

The man who never brought comfort into my fragile soul. The man who never comforted me in my dark moments. How can I possibly stay in this strange place?!

Free English Stories

Summer Love First Part

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Chapter 1
It was an ordinary day and I was preparing for my exams. I was sitting on the bed gazing out of the window. It would be summer soon and I already had so many plans.

But it was easier said than done. At first sight, things seemed to be fine but then they turned out to be bad again. The sun was shining bright and the sky was crystal clear.

The temperature was getting higher with each day and the forecast for next week promised beautiful weather.

Free English Stories

Travel English Reading For beginners

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žI hate traveling by myself because with friends everything is easier žI always get lost when traveling abroad žI always take a roadmap with me. My navigation is not working, so I have to use roadmap to figure out where we are now. žRoadmap comes in handy, when phone battery is dead.

I need at least 7 different outfits for one week’s holiday. žMy phone makes beautiful pictures, so It is a must when I am on the roads. žThe exotic holiday has lots of advantages.

Free English Stories

Hotel Accomodation Short Reading

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What time is the check-in? žWhat time is the check-out? žIs it possible to leave after 11 a.m? ž

We are being late, we apologize. Could we check-in after 10 p.m please? ž

žI cannot book my room via your website. žHow can I book my room? žIs phone reservation possible? žYour reservation is confirmed (accepted) žWe would like to change our reservation.

Is it possible? žYou may cancel your reservation 10 days before your arrival. žAny changes made to your reservation are charged upon standard fees.

žWe do not accept cash, only online payments. ž200 euros deposit is required.

Cancellation 30 months prior to your arrival is still possible without any additional fees. ž

You may cancel your hotel reservation without any additional fees 20 days prior to your arrival. ž ž ž ž

Free English Stories

Hotel Room Accomodation Reading

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žIs the AC in the Hotel? ( AC= Air conditioning) žIs the room air-conditioned? žIs the parking for free? žAre there any hidden fees? ž

žIs the hotel pet-friendly? žAre pets allowed in the hotel? žWhat´s included in half-pension? žI haven´t booked hotel room yet.

žNo rooms are available at the moment. žI want a room with beautiful view. žI want a hotel situated near the city center. ž

The hotel is located in the city center. žThe air conditioning is a must during your holiday. ž ž

Learning English Online

How did I choose English Course Online?

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Tips How to Choose your English Course Online

Online learning saves your money and time but also gives you lots of flexibility and comfort. E-learning has become so popular in recent months and enabled us to learn anytime and from anywhere we like. Things to be aware of when choosing your English Course Online are abudant!

It is better to study with popular language schools e.g. internationally known language schools as they provide the true value. With private tutors, you risk the waste of your money and time as they may lack the expertise in the field. Lots of people don´t trust private tutors and I understand their worries completely.

How did I choose my English Course ?

When I was studying English, little did I know about the quality of the teaching process. I paid lots of money to private tutors. After some time I just gave up. What I need from tutors is friendliness and an easy-going personality. Teachers should be tolerant, patient individuals. Their attitude, behavior influences us tremendously. You can study English on-site or you can find English Course Online. It is up to you whichever option you choose!

I like tutors for their talkative personalities and attention they give to me. What makes me buy a language course? Well, first comes the price. How much do I have to pay for one hour course? I wouldn’t pay a lot. Online English speaking course is not expensive if you know how to search for it.

Define the price you are willing to pay for your English course. If the price doesn´t matter, then you´re the lucky one. But remember one thing, the price does not always reflect the good quality of the course. People perceive higher price as the sign of higher standards but the opposite may be the truth at times. English course online does not have to expensive at all!

Learning is the combination of passive and active learning. Active way of studying foreign languages is speaking and passive is reading or writing. All your skills should be developed equally! Do not forget about it! I focus more on speaking when I study French but also on reading and my writing skills! Children learn via listening but They also try to imitate sounds! They attempt to speak the language They hear. I believe we should study like chilren. I also employ translation methods. It helped me a lot with building my vocabulary in French language.


Online Mandarin Courses You should Check out!

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Top Online Schools To Learn Mandarin Online

Mandarin language has gained its popularity among language learners. Apart from English, Spanish and German. Mandarin is getting more and more popular. Why do we study foreign languages? Career prospects, curious minds, intellectual enrichment and the list is quite long.

Whatever the reason for studying this beautiful language is, you can study it online and with natives. Take your Laptop, sit in the chair and start your learning journey with your favourite tutor.

You can choose from lots of language schools and study remotely whenever you like or wish to. For me, commuting is exhausting and time-consuming. I always study with my French tutors online.

I studied a few times because I am busy most of the time. But my experience with tutors was rather a pleasure than pain. I found new friends as well. It is definitely worth trying.


Italki is a language school providing Mandarin courses Online. You could also learn some other languages at this school. Lessons start from 10€ per one hour lesson over skype. Learn more here


Rype offers Mandarin courses as well. You could study German, Italian or Spanish and you can also learn Mandarin online. Get your 7 DAYS FREE TRIAL now!

Free English Stories

Summer Love 3th Part

“Hi, Kate, I almost forgot to come by. I had to study for my exams”, I apologized, staring into her small deep-set eyes.

“Come in, how ‘s it going?”
I stepped in and took off my jacket and let her hang it for me.
“Not very well, it’s so hard to grasp the meaning of it all.”

“You will make it. I´m sure of it. There´s something I need to tell you…I’m pregnant.”

“Oh no….”
“One night… I don´t even know his name…” She said with fear in her eyes.


How can you find B1 Reading Texts?

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Easy to understand b1 reading texts

When you study English, you read books, news, articles a lot. But How can you find English resources for free?

See my full guide. On my website I write English stories for beginners. These stories are easy to read (comprehend). You can improve your reading skills via these stories.

Why should you read easy stories not books?

Well, stories for English learners are written for less advanced readers, thus you can easily understand it. Reading easy stories can be a fun and enriching experience for you.

How can you find the English easy stories

It is difficult to find stories written in simple language. Therefore, I created this website to help English learners.

My stories are easy to read and short. You can read a new story every week.

Reading section also contains Conversation topics e.g. every day conversations with friends or family.

Conversations contain common words (vocabulary) used the most frequently. You can read  b1 reading texts on my website here.