20 Ways to Learn English If You Feel Stuck

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Everyone knows the feeling ´´You want to speak English well but you do not know how to study it´´ You feel stuck in the middle of the crossroad between learning with tutors, learning on your own. Both alternatives come with pros and cons. In the following blog post I have sumed up the list of 20 ways to learn English for you!

The English language has long been regarded as a globally active universal language. People who learn the English language regard it as a personal skill. As a result, many people nowadays, particularly students, should be able to communicate in English. The ability to communicate in English is a valuable asset for students.

Watch Movies with Subtitles

You can buy netflix, hbogo anything you prefer. Watch movies in English with subtitles or listen to your native tongue. Learning via movies is funny and you will not feel bored at all.

Listen to Podcasts Every Day

Various podcasts are available online. I have discovere great podcasts on different topics from every day life issues to business news podcast (business news is good for your Business English preparation course). I usually listen to stories from people, what they experienced and life issues they go through. Ways to learn English are unlimited but learning via listening will help you the most because you will train your ears more than when you just read simple texts.

Buy English Books

You can read printed books or online books. Online reading is great, but some people still prefer printed formats. Printed forms of book offer the experience to readers. I read books online because I do not like thick books, online forms are more flexible and I know where I should continue as the notepad saves this information.

Have Lessons with Tutors

The last resort is having lessons with teachers, which may a good option for you if you do not know how to learn on your own. Some people cannot study without tutoring, which is fine but may be expensive at the same time. Certified tutors know principles of learning better than you do, which is another factor that shall be taken into account as well. Learning with the tutor is one of the way to learn English effectively because trained tutors understand your learning needs better than a computer or online course.

Learn Via Translation

When you read complete sentences, you learn not only the words themselves, but also the context in which they are used. As a result, learn new words effectively and don’t waste time practicing vocabulary for an extended period of time. For French, I use the same approach.

You Do not Have To Travel Abroad

Even if you don’t reside in an English-speaking nation, you’re likely to be surrounded by foreigners. You can accomplish it via attending foreign conferences and restaurants, joining workshops and social clubs, or arranging language exchange programs are all good methods to meet native English people. You might also volunteer as a tour guide at a local tourist attraction to to speak with people from all over the world. There are so many different ways of practising English.

Look up Information on Google in English Only

Use the internet to look up information on the hotels you want to visit. Find out where the hotel is located, what hours it is open, and how much it costs. Locate the phone number and dial it… Inquire about the hotel’s hours of operation or whether they sell anything and how much it costs. You can go to the hotel directly and do the same, try to initiate the conversation with receptionists to improve your English skills.

Ways to learn English are abudant, the key is to find the method that works for you the best!

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