20+ British Phrases with Sample Sentences

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Useful British Phrases You Need to See

British slang has its popularity and despises among language students. Why? Slang poses a difficulty in learning because It doesn´t carry its literal meaning. The concept of slang has been studied by many scholars. The basic definition of slang is ´´the language of different cultural backgrounds colored with its own uniqueness´´. This article is focused on British phrases in particular! It doesn´t belong to the standard group and we could call it the language of youth! We use language to facilitate communication during social interactions with our co-workers or peers. Slang words are the result of these social encounters.

The concept of slang as a non-standard language has been the source of criticism. Linguists have not reached a consensus on whether the slang is formal or non-formal language. Please read the following list of British phrases below:

Minging– This story is minging (the story is disgusting). Gutted– He was gutted by her behavior (Her behavior made him sick). Dead– New boys in the school are dead gorgeous. Fancy– Have you seen the fancy restaurant in the city centre? (a fancy means the preference of something or someone). Breeze off– We breezed off without notice (we disappeared unexpectedly). Glide– She glided into the place (She entered the enemy territory).

Loaded– Her family invested in the commodities and now They are loaded ( It means they have lots of money). Swag– He has swag ( he has self-confidence). Gurt lush– when something is very good (This man is a gurt lush). Lad– He is a good lad (He is a good boy). Lush– The meeting was lush (It was a pleasant experience).

Nick– He nicked the necklace when no one was looking ( He stole it). Rubbish– What He said was rubbish (He lied about something). Snog– She had a snog in the cinema last year (she was kissed). Pull your leg- She is pulling your leg (she is joking). Good egg– He is a good egg (He is trustworthy). Cost a bomb– It must have cost a bomb! (something was expensive). Keep your hair on– You should keep your hair on (you should calm down).

In American English, we can say red color but in BrE we say red colour. In the US you can take an elevator but if you want British people to understand you you have to use a lift in England. When eating your favorite meal in the restaurant you may say cheers! but it could also mean thank you in some instances. You can use an adjective favourite to talk about favorite pub but in AmE we say favorite.

British slang is not only used in England but in some other Anglophone countries such as Ireland.

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