100 Reported Speech Sentences to Learn

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How to understand Reported Speech better?

English is an easy language to learn for some. But how do we use it effectively? We have to learn grammar rules as well. Reported speech is talking about a person from your own perspective e.g.

An Example: Marry says She does not like pizza

It is being divided into Direct and Indirect Speech

Indirect Sentences:

He claims that He does not like her at all.

She says that They did not show up.

They said that their decision was final

She told him that this was not the end

They says that She is a liar

She explained that He knew the truth very well

Tom says that She works in the office

He thinks that They should help us

She knows that He does not like them

She does not think that this is a good idea

Tom says He does not work for them

I said that I didn´t work for them

They said He did not work there

I said I was in the shop when the accident happened

They said She was to be blamed

They explained that He was to blame

She said She could speak English fluently

He said He could cook like a chef

She said He should help her out

He said He might be late

He asked if I loved him

He asked me if I had ever been to London

He asked me to close the window

She said She did not love him

They said It was a bad situation for all of us

In order to use reported speech effectively, you need to understand it in the first place. It is important to read a lot, this way you can comprehend the reported speech patterns better.

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