100 Adjectives to Describe a Person and Enrich Your Writing Style

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Creative Ways to Use Adjectives to Describe a Person with Sample Sentences

Find new adjectives to describe a person the proper way! There is myriad of ways to describe people and their personalities, find out more in the following post. I have compilled the list of sentences with useful descriptive adjectives.

Sample Sentences with Adjectives: Chloe is a resilient girl, she never gives up. He is stubborn, He does not want anyone´s help. She is angry a lot, She is frowning. We are smiling, we are happy.

He is adventurous type, He likes travelling around the world. I am curious why He is angry. She is curious why He is angry. He is crazy. She is happy about the meeting.

Her mum is disappointed with her because She is being late for dinner. My father is angry with us because we are not being careful. You have to be careful while working with money.

She is smart because nobody can cheat her. He is intelligent because He works as a technician. Her mum is close-minded, She never accepts different view.

He is motivated in his actions because He works so hard. She is self-reliant, she does not need anyone. I am independent, I do not need anyone. She is courageous, She is not scared of anything.

Adjectives Describing People

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