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Learning English Online

Guide to English Speaking Better Than Yesterday

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Reasons Why Your English Speaking is Not the Way You Like

Lots of factors are involved in developing our ability to learn foreign languages e.g. age, engagement, length of our studies, and so on.

When we start studying foreign languages, we miss one important thing e.g. that learning is a long and difficult process.

We feel that It is ok to study 20 minutes a day and develop fluency in one year span or even less. No. This is not going to happen. Maybe in the fairytales. Various factors influence our capability to learn languages.

If you want to speak English fluently, you have to study hard every day e.g. improving all your skills in the language (writing, reading, listening, and speaking skills simultaneously).

Learning is not one side of the coin, you have to flip the coin multiple times to see other aspects of it!

Speaking is the cornerstone of learning foreign languages because it is an active participant in the process of learning. Without active engagement, you may find yourself struggling a lot. like me.

I was reading a lot, watching the news a lot but my English speaking was a pure disaster. Things I did wrong and you can change today:

do not neglect to develop all these skills at the same time (speaking, writing, listening and reading)

A You do not study hard enough

Study a lot, study 60 minutes daily at least. You read books extensively and do not encounter the authentic language, which is the essence.

When you learn with books, you may improve your critical thinking skills but not your English speaking, which you need for basic communication.

If you want to speak it, you have to use it! Simple as that!you spend too much time with grammar rules and you do not understand them anyway.

B You Focus Way Too Much on Grammar Rules

Grammar is your lost time. I would not like to make some people upset with my statements, especially linguists or some scholars in particular.

But if you need the language for conversations at work or with your friends, focus on speaking more. I know people who work for big corporations but they speak bad English.

You would never believe they actually work there! Big Warning: it does not mean you should neglect grammar studies. You need a basic grasp of grammar rules to learn a language proper way.

C In Which Case are The Basic Grammar Rules Necessary?

When you do not know whether the word ´´the house´´ is the noun or verb in the sentence you cannot comprehend its meaning. The main pro is when your language belongs to the so-called Indoeuropean family.

D You are not Using Proper Learning Techniques At All

  • you learn words but not sentences. Learn via translation! It was working for me when I studied English or French. Corrections, I am learning French currently.

The Last Word

I love learning foreign languages because for me learning is a way of understanding the world better.

Developing your English speaking skills takes lots of your time and effort, do not forget to speak it every day and do not miss reading authentic texts


Should You Learn English Through Story or Not?

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Things to Avoid When You Want to Learn English Through Story

Learning via stories is a great way how to expand your lexicon. Your vocabulary improves when you read a lot. Therefore, reading books is highly recommended when learning foreign languages.

However, don’t´ put much emphasis on reading if you try to speak English better. Reading in English can help you but you need to employ other methods as well. Speaking with native speakers can speed up the learning process to some extent.

I was speaking French with natives and I found it useful. I was busy so I could not have lessons with my tutor anymore. I prefer self-study now. However, It is not the best way how to study this language.

Native speakers can help you but you need an experienced teacher, beware of that. Without experienced teachers you cannot be guided properly in your study plan. You need proper study plan to reach profiency or fluency in the language.

Speaking is an active part of the learning process. Reason more to find a native speaker to talk to. Not everyone can afford to have English lessons with native speakers.

 But you want to learn English through story, right? Therefore, I created this website. I hope you will find my website useful. Easy to read short stories for beginners is a great way to enhance your learning experience.

But remember to develop all your skills, not only your reading skills. We have reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. All of them should be honed equally.


Find books for less advanced speakers. Don’t try to read bestsellers you find on the internet.

Why? I was there. I tried. I failed. Find authentic resources for beginners in English. You can read on quora and learn at the same time.

I study French via quora. Lots of interesting questions you can follow there. Or you can find a pen-friend.

This way you will be learning useful English words. Unlike figurative language, you encounter in many books.

 When you want to learn English through story, consider these things before you jump into English learning waters.

Learning is not simple. Work hard every day. You cannot expect immediate results with little effort!

Free English Stories

Travel Vocabulary You Should Get acquitained with Now

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Expand Your Travel Vocabulary For Your Next Holiday

Learning new words come in handy for your travel plans! See the list of travel phrases you should learn.

I never travel without my laptop. žMy dog George travels with me, though It is demanding to take care of him and me at the same time. ž ž ž

žYou can book your room via phone or our booking system on our website. žCurrently, we have no available rooms.

žWe apologize for any convenience. žI need one room for two people from 10th of July till 20th of July. ž

If you would like to read more English stories please visit the reading section Free English stories on my website! It also contains travel vocabulary section.


Tips to Reach Native Spanish Faster

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The road to Native Spanish Does Not Have to Be and Uphill Battle

We all have to deal with problems. Learning languages is a big problem especially when you are a complete beginner. English is not my native tongue It is the second language I speak apart from my mother tongue.

Full Immersion is Important- Full immersion encompasses more than just reading books or writing in the language. Full immersion is about being actively involved in developing your conversational skills.

Develop your Listening Skills- right from the start is the key. Listen to the language, you may do not undestand anything but It does not matter. I studied via listening to languages. It helped me. On your road to native Spanish you will have to deal with listening lessons as well.

Join Discussion Clubs- local discussion groups in your city are plentiful. Do some research and you will quickly discover lots of amazing places where you could practice your tongue for free or for a small member fee.

Find a native Spanish tutor– The great way to study languages is with tutors. I always enjoy lessons with my teachers. Native tutors possess the accent, you have to learn how to comprehend the accent in the utterance.

If you want to speak native Spanish you have to study hard and a lot


How can you find English stories to improve English?

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Should You Read English Stories to Improve English?

Internet is full of information. When we study online, we have one big advantage than our predecessors, we got the access to millions of English texts. Internet simplified our lives to great extent.

There are paid and free reading sources available online. I have created this website to help English learners find easy and free reading materials. I hope you will enjoy reading my stories. Reading section is not categorized but I try to write easy to understand English texts. Simplicity is the key, I think. English stories to improve English should not be difficult to comprehend that´s why I created this blog to make your life easier!

I still remember how I struggled with the reading comprehension when my English was at A1 level. I attempted to read news or read difficult books online. This is not the best way to study. Difficult books contain words you will not ever use. You should read authentic texts so as to expose yourself to the common English conversations. In the future, I plan to create the podcasts for beginners as well as for advanced English students.

I believe the education should be accessible to everyone, therefore I write stories for free. Keep in mind that you should not focus solely on reading English stories to improve English.

In order to improve your English you have to study via different study means. You can study via Listening e.g. listen to podcasts online, there are lots of English Podcasts out there. You can read Free English stories on my website. You can buy books for beginners or subscribe to watch movies with subtitles. You can buy courses online to study at your own pace.


Learn Why Easiest Language to Learn Does Not Exist

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Why We Cannot Talk About Easiest Language to Learn?

Language as such was created to transmit information amongst people. Did you know that people talked via imitation of sounds? For example, they heard splash, They imitated the sound of splash. This way many other names for external actions were formed.

Why do we speak languages? We speak languages to understand different cultures, to get a job promotion or just to travel around the world. Language became the mean of communication, the necessity of our lives.

Before we get to the analysis of easiest language to learn, I have to mention few important aspects.

Language learning is not one-night stand. You cannot expect to speak foreign languages without hard work. Various factors influence our ability to acquire the language fluency.

Factors Influencing the Language Acquisition

Age– With age our ability to learn ceases. Therefore, It is recommended to study when you are still young as you will learn with ease. I had students who were 50-60 years old but They only refreshed their knowledge of the language. They studied English as adults. Thus, the same preliminary cannot be applied there.

Talent– We are born with certain predispositions. Whether or not you will learn languages depends on your skills or talents as well. Do you parents speak foreign languages? Were you born into multilingual family? These questions shall be addressed as well.

Eagerness– How passionate are you about languages? This can influence your ability to learn new words, sentences, phrases to great extent. If you are bored, angry about learning new language, this is all wrong.

You should not study it or maybe you should find a way how to make your studies an pleasant experience. For example, I found that with tutors I enjoy learning languages more than on my own.

I mentioned all these factors but the list is quite long, I have not listed all factors yet. The important thing is that language acquisition is not about set of rules you should follow to magically speak languages in few months.

There are some exceptions though, some people can grasp the basics of language in just few months. These are talented language learners, if you belong into this category, then you are the lucky one.

From my own perspective, I can tell that for me learning is quite easy. I learn and remember new words because I enjoy learning new languages. I combine various activies to facilitate the learning.

Easiest language to learn could be any language for you, as the whole process is subjective, It depends on individuals and their cognitive capacities (ability to learn and remember words).

I stop whenever I feel I am exhausted and do not enjoy it anymore. This is what you should do as well. Watch movies if you love it, read books if you adore literature. Do whatever you enjoy the most in your life.


English Teachers Who Are Experienced? Learn How I discovered them!

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Why did I study with English Teachers?

Reason why I opted for lessons with teachers was the lack of experience. I did not know how to study the language. Initially, It was a real struggle, I will not lie to you.

The first time I started to learn English was in the middle school. English was my compulsory subject. Lessons with English teachers were interactive and They were friendly with everyone.

I fell in love with English language quickly. The second language was French, at that time It was the only language I could choose.

Later on, I was thinking about Spanish but I only have basic understanding of the language.

Learning the language was not easy right from the start but more I studied, the more I got familiar with the pecularities of the language. Learning became fun and I just loved it! English teachers who are experienced should help you and be talkative.

Experienced tutors will not write essays on how great teachers They are. Great teachers will yield results! Do not get confused easily when someone claims to be the best teacher.

It is not only about learning with tutors that matters. You have to study via reading, listening, speaking and writing as well. All these skills shall develop equally. Do not neglect any of them!

Free English Stories

Travelling English Phrases

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I always have lots of bags when going on holiday. žI take lots of pictures because pictures make your memories live forever.

žI don´t have to pack many clothes as temperature is higher and the only thing I need is sunglasses, swimming suit, suncream and good mood.

žIn case the weather gets cold, I pack warm clothes into my suitcase. ž


Examples of Daily Routine in Present Indefinite Tense

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Talking about Daily activies is the essence of the basic communication in English. The focus shall be on common talk in English and you should avoid reading difficult texts. The simple language is easy to understand for you.

Please see the list of 20 Sentences about Daily Routine in Present Indefinite Tense.

I brush my teeth in the morning. I get up at 5 a.m every day. I go to the bathroom at 7 p.m to brush my teeth. I comb my hair twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.

I walk the dog every day. I go to the shopping center once a week. My mother goes to work during the work days. I watch my favourite tv-show every day. I go to bed at midnight.

I never go to work at night. At night, I go to the gym in the city center. My father never visit us. My family travels a lot. I travel to Costa Rica every year. Daisy wakes up at 7 a.m. I get up at 5 a.m.


Spanish Learning Tips You Should not Skip

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You Must Know These Spanish Learning Ideas

Spanish is a language of rich cultural background endowed with its own unique beauty. That is why it has a worldwide craze. If you have come across this article, then obviously, you are interested in the study of the language!

Maybe you’ve had “learn Spanish” on your bucket list for many years and now you have come to the realization that this is your dream tongue! It´s never too late to start learning this amazing language.

But before you start with Spanish classes you should take into consideration some techniques on how to effectively study the Spanish tongue on your own or with experienced teachers.

In this article, we are going to share with you the most effective tips that may enhance your study experience to its full extent. I would like to help you with learning this tongue, thus I have compilled this list of Spanish learning ideas for you that are cost-effective as well!

So, let’s get started señor y señorita!

Find an online private tutor

English classes with natives helped me a lot when I wanted to improve my speaking rapidly. The lenght of your studies depend on various factors. In private tuitions, all the attention is focused on you. You get to do the speaking and the learning through one on one interactions.

That is why this way of Spanish learning is the most popular one! Therefore, research a lot to find a good online teacher for you. Having the right tutor is the essence of learning any language. There are a lot of online platforms out there.

Talk with a language exchange partner

A language exchange partner is someone who will teach you your dream language. In return, you will teach them the language that you’re fluent in. If there is a Spanish-speaking language partner nearby who you can meet up in person, then it is fine. Spanish learning with a language exchange partner sounds great, right?

If not, do not worry, everything is available online. You can easily find someone who can teach you Spanish online through chatting or video calls. This way is the cost-effective solution as well!


Understand Compound Words Better with My Sample Sentences

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The Short Definition of Compound Words

Compound words have a meaning defined by its constituents e.g. words ( white-collar jobs) two words with unique meaning by itself but when connected together they form a completelly different sense or meaning.

Compounds are divided into various categories e.g. compound nouns, adjectives etc.

Cold-Hearted ´´He is a cold-hearted man, He does not show any emotions´´

Open-Minded ´´He is an open-minded man, He never disputes anyone´s opinion!´´

Afterlife ´´Do you believe in afterlife?´´ (life after the death)

Allover ´´The trash was allover the place´´

Footprints ´´Footprints were allover the place´´

Background ´´The background was green´´

Backyard ´´The small building was located in the backyard´´

Playground ´´Children were playing in the background when the strange man approached them´´

aftermath ´´ The aftermath of the rising escalation in the country was the destabilization of the political system´´

upspring ´´Parents always take care of their upspring´´

uprising ´´The uprising had led to the complete change of the country and its conduct´´

upstairs ´´He went upstairs when She entered the house´´

The List of Compound words is abundant. They enrich the writing, therefore you should implement them into your writing!